When Batman’s hands are stained with Justice League blood

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If you are a follower of Super hero DC you must have heard the story Batman defeated alone Justice League. In fact, this story begins with a comic called Justice League: Tower of Babel when the great villain Ra’s al Ghul successfully stole the plan to “control the Justice League” from the Dark Knight. Using this plan for diabolical purposes, Ra’s al Ghul soon took down each member of the superhero squad including Batman, simply because he himself devised a plan to neutralize himself.

Martian Manhunter The nanobot converts the outer layer of skin into magnesium, causing him to spontaneously ignite. Plastic Man frozen by liquid nitro and smashed to pieces. Aquaman poisoned by Scarecrow and became a fear of water. Green Lantern is blind due to hypnosis, no longer able to control the power of the god ring. Wonder Woman imprisoned in virtual reality, fighting opponents of equal strength until exhausted and died. Flash was shot a “vibrating bullet” in the back of his neck, causing him to convulse when he reached his peak speed. Superman Under the influence of Red Kryptonite, he fell into a state of overload, enduring excruciating pain when his hearing surpassed his own strength. Finally, there is Batman – the person who devised the whole plan, distracted from the mission to rescue the Justice League by witnessing his parents’ disappearance.


One by one, each of the Justice League was defeated by what Batman drafted, causing the superhero team to almost be wiped out. Although in the end all were rescued and Ra’s al Ghul’s scheme was overthrown, the members of the Justice League now look at Batman in a completely different light. To us fans, Batman soon proves himself to be a genius, cold and calculating mind… ready to go all out to ensure the peace of the Earth, including going up. plan to destroy his teammates and himself if they unfortunately give up the cause.

Justice League: Tower of Babel was later adapted into an animated film Justice League: Doom with Ra’s al Ghul’s replacement Vandal Savage. Although the plan to destroy each member of the Justice League has changed, in the end it still portrays a very specific Batman image. But few people know, this is not the only time Batman – a superhero with no special powers, can destroy all members of the Justice League – which gathers people with sky-high powers.


The second time that Batman single-handedly fought the entire Justice League was when the story Batman: Endgame Released 3 years ago. Batman was only recovering from Scarecrow’s attack when suddenly Wonder Woman rushed out of nowhere, grabbing the Dark Knight by the neck before he had time to put on his black cloak. Without a weapon in hand and completely taken aback by Wonder Woman’s hostility, Batman asks the female warrior to explain why she did so.

But no, Wonder Woman still coldly approached with sword in hand, determined to kill Batman once and for all. Knowing that he cannot confront the female Amazon warrior, Batman orders Alfred to activate the program “Fenrir”. Immediately a giant armor appeared with enough power to punch Wonder Woman flying. But that doesn’t seem to be enough as Wonder Woman rushes to chop off Batman’s arm in armor before streaking the sword across the Dark Knight’s chest, ending in reader’s shock.


But back to reality, that image is just the imagination of Wonder Woman – who is now standing motionless with the Bind of Veils rope around her neck. Bind of Veils is a relic created by the god Hephaestus when he felt doubtful right after creating the Lasso of Truth. It took Batman a lot of time and effort to track down this relic, and he knows the weapon against the warrior of truth can only be a lie. But when he didn’t understand what was happening, a flash of lightning called Flash suddenly appeared.

With the Flash’s incredible speed and the bulk of the armor, it seemed that Batman would face real danger. But Barry Allen didn’t know that the amount of money that Batman poured into this armor was more than 60% of the money that the superpowers spend on building armies.. and so it possessed a supercomputer with computing speed. faster than the fastest man on earth. Before Flash could reach Batman, the armor was already on its way, hurling anti-friction onto the pavement, knocking Flash off balance and crashing into a nearby building.

However, when everything was still not settled when Aquaman appeared behind him and spoke arrogantly about honor. But before he could finish his generous speech, the Lord of the ocean found his body covered with powdered Magnesium carbonate – the most powerful hydrating compound on Earth. Standing next to an Aquaman writhing on the ground, Batman explained that all the pores on the victim’s body were completely covered and that one gram of this substance was able to cover 800 square meters of the surface.. The more he tried to escape. The more moisture in Aquaman’s body, the more it is sucked out. As Batman once said, “Arthur, the point is that having a street fight is not honorable..”.


But regardless of whether he was the victor, Batman still had to find the cause of everything and he continued to interrogate Aquaman as to who was behind this. But like Wonder Woman or Flash, the Ocean Lord’s words were filled with hostility, not rationality. Batman knows the next members of the Justice League will appear soon, but all plans are already in his head. With Cyborg, the electromagnetic nervous system will be the target. With Green Lantern, brain paralysis will be the weapon. But anyway Batman did not expect “him” to appear. And when he had just finished his train of thought, Alfred warned Batman that something “huge” was coming his way.



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