Playing Yu-Gi-Oh like a movie is no longer a fantasy

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With lovers Yu-Gi-Oh! That said, a product that can help them fulfill their dreams like in books or movies is always the desire of many players. However, to have such modern technology is still difficult to do. Until now, players could only play cards in a normal way, with increasingly developing technology, a product like in the movies is no longer a fiction.


The good news for many players is that recently your dream is slowly coming true when a Twitter user in Japan named Reo has created a solid gaming table with touch function. Every time a player plays cards or switches to the other player, the table will light up again and have the corresponding sound. Although the entire system currently supports very few features, Reo will adjust to the opinions of the followers and continue to upgrade its product.


With human wisdom in making products that are only in the imagination, the distance has now been gradually reduced, in the not too distant future, hopefully an even more complete product will appear and Yu-Gi fans. -Oh will be able to participate in the matches they’ve always dreamed of.

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