Fascinatingly beautiful in front of the fairy world of Phong Than Ky Tan

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Wind God Ky Tan is a role-playing mobile game of the first half genre that is loved by many players. To let players feel a world of ancient China, in Phong Than Ky Tan you will enter a fairyland with familiar locations appearing in Chinese fairy tales such as Thanh Khau, Dong Hai. … where there will be 4 tribes living together, demons, humans, and fairies.


Basically, Wind God Qi Tan is a MMORPG Traditionally, the game stands out with advanced 3D graphics, the thing worth mentioning in a first half game is the scene in the game and of course Phong Than Ky Dam does not disappoint players when players admire the beautiful scenery. Best of all, even the most difficult player must fall in love with the charming landscape of Phong Than Ky Dam.


Compared to the current first half games, it is easy to explain why this game itself has stayed so long on the charts. With the images from the test, the game has made people crazy before the landscape, character system, summoned beast system… of the game. It is really hard to take your eyes off the phone screen once entering the world of Feng Than Ky Tan.


As mentioned, the game still retains the characteristics of a traditional role-playing game, so players will also be able to explore boss battles, Pk, marriage features, monster fights … which are quite familiar not too strange to them. who have participated in many spiritual journeys. This is truly a game of the next first half worth your experience. The game is now available on both iOS and Android platforms, interested readers can download games follow the link below.

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