When Batman became a monster to kill Superman

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As we know it, Dark Nights: Metal is in the hottest moments when the army Batman Freaks led by the evil Barbatos take over Earth 0. This army consists of the sickest versions of Batman by wrong choice that has changed his body and humanity. Each of them has a different story… such as killing the Joker with his own hands, gaining the Flash’s power, wearing the Green Lantern ring or merging with the digital version of Alfred the butler.

However, all of those people are nothing to The Devastator -Batman has a disgusting appearance that has been smeared with blood even Superman in his world. And this is his story.


At Earth -1, Batman began his path of action like many other world versions. Over the years, he gradually became an image to protect not only Gotham but also all life around him. As time passed, he teamed up with Superman – one of the most powerful metahumans on Earth. Gradually the two become friends and despite his cold demeanor on the outside, inside Batman still considers Superman as the world’s greatest hope.

But that hope soon spilled over into the sea.. not from Batman’s side.. but from the friend he trusted for so long. For an undisclosed reason, Man of Steel of Earth -1 from a superhero image who betrayed his own ideals. Nothing more than a villain with supernatural powers, he is ready to put aside everything on his way to world domination. This version of Superman even became so inhumane that he personally killed Lois Lane – the girl he loved, while using Heat Vision to amputate Batman’s arm. Everything turned out to be hopeless when the person who was considered the perfect representative of the righteous.. officially turned his back on the cause.


However, Superman’s only mistake was Batman.. because he didn’t kill him. As long as he is alive, as long as he is breathing, as long as he is thinking, Superman’s life will not have a peaceful day. That’s why Batman immediately thought of the only weapon that could kill Superman: Kryptonite. But with the mind of a paranoid, Batman wonders if that will be enough? Will this be able to defeat his enemies? He’s not sure.

As calculated, Batman entered the fight with Superman holding a spear with a shining Krytonite tip. However, as Batman himself feared, Superman still proved too strong even though he wielded a weapon that could counter the Kryptonian. All Superman needs to do is keep his distance and use Heat Vision to knock the weapon out of his opponent’s hand. Without a weapon in his hand, his life is now like a string of bells in the hands of the “Steel Man”. The reason for that sudden defeat is not because Krytonite is not strong enough, but because the person holding it is Batman… who has only a mortal body without any power.

But perhaps it is also because Batman is Batman that he never goes to war without a plan.

From his free arm, Batman reaches for the belt and activates something beyond Superman’s field of vision. From that arm something suddenly grew at a dizzying speed, ripping the fabric of his shirt and revealing the sickly rough skin. Now standing before Superman is not a mortal Batman.. but a mutant monster from Doomsday’s DNA – one of the greatest enemies Superman has ever witnessed. Yes, Kryptonite is not the Dark Knight’s only weapon because deep in the Batcave night he injected himself with the genetically modified virus that exists in the body of the monster Doomsday.


With new power, Batman rush in Superman pounding like nothing in the world could stop him from crushing the red-cloaked man. In the end, Batman forced Superman to inhale Krytonite dust before using the horns on his body to pierce the Man of Steel’s chest. The strongest man on Earth is now nothing more than the most useless corpse on Earth.. and the one who came out of that battle calls himself under his name. The Devastator.

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