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After 6 years, 3 seasons, a mini series dedicated to Michonne and lots of awards, finally Telltale began to put an end to his most popular series. Since 2012, this developer has held the genuine copyright in the implementation The Walking Dead. The series of games that brought Telltale Games from a company specializing in making adventure game “point-and-click” becomes one of the most prestigious copyright game publishers in the world. Recently, Telltale has released “Done Running” – the first game episode in the final season of the series.


Many professional units have voiced their evaluations Done Running, but the results are quite far apart. Eg OpenCritic average score of 78, based on 14 comments. But Metacritic giving only 74 points for both PC and PS4 versions.

There seems to be no consensus among commentators in general. DualShockers and Wccftech rating 9/10, but many large pages like IGN, Game Informer, Destructoid, USgamer only for 7/10 or below. The bottom line seems to be the “a bit slow” issue, but there’s still hope for progress in the remaining three episodes of the series.

Trailer for the final season of The Walking Dead

DualShockers 9/10 rating: “This is Telltale’s most mature game. The final season shows Clementine’s maturity as a tough survivor, willing to make any sacrifices necessary to stay alive.”

Wccftech rating 9/10: “This episode culminates in some of the most amazing, disgusting, and terrifying scenes that Telltale has ever done… The final scenes are a real breakthrough, taking Telltale away. in a cinematic direction and image”.


Attack of the Fanboy rating 4.5/5: “A near-perfect start to the series’ finale”.

App Trigger score 8/10: “The Walking Dead never delved too deeply into nostalgia for his homeland, but only used that situation to forge Clementine’s parenting role with Alvin.”

VG247 did not give a score but commented: “The first episode of the last season The Walking Dead is a great start, but that’s not surprising. Usually, Telltale has always struggled with episodes in between — that’s what the studio has been through.”

The Verge also did not score: “The new season of the series The Walking Dead come up with a solution to a tiring zombie day with kids.”


GameInformer Rating 7/10 and average rating: “Predictable situations and repetitive storylines, this season’s debut wasn’t very exciting. Hopefully there will be more surprises and attractions in the future.”

USgamer score 3.5/5, the game is deducted points for continuing to exploit the old plot: “There is no world apocalyptic zombie disaster where there are no survivors trying to protect a place, and then in the end Let’s stand and watch it be destroyed.”

IGN Rating 6.5/10, the site praises Telltale’s process of depicting Clementine’s whole life, from a child to becoming a guardian. But the game is underrated because it repeats the cycle of previous parts, which is “meet the survivors – join a safe area – find food and survive together”.

Destructoid rating 6/10: “This is probably the longest game episode ever, about 30 minutes more than the previous games”. The game is criticized for the hard actions of the characters and the plot is too slow, mostly used to introduce characters and build new worlds for the season.


Perhaps this is a slightly disappointing start to the final season of The Walking Dead, especially when the whole season only had 4 episodes. However, Telltale still has the opportunity to correct mistakes in the remaining 3 episodes. This game season also ends the years of using the Telltale Tool on its games. The following games – eg The Wolf Among Us 2 will be combined with Unity.​

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