The terrifying mystery of Banette and Duskull – 2 infamous ghost-type Pokemon of Pokemon

GameHubVN Bi an hai hung ve Banette va Duskull 2 Pokemon he ma moi trong Pokemon GO 5 - Emergenceingame

Ghosts always haunt us and DuskullPokemon The comedic screen of a “Death” is a prime example of that. But don’t be fooled by its ordinary appearance because the halo of light bouncing back and forth in the two solid black holes is just commonplace when compared to the story below.

As a nocturnal Pokemon like many Ghost Pokemon other Duskull live in dense forests. However, their prey is said to be not the creatures on the tree… but the fact that the children do not know how to obey. At first, this sounds like a fairy tale, but Duskull’s behavior is a Pokemon attracted by the sound of crying. Therefore, once the prey is within hearing range of this phantom, Duskull will chase through the night tirelessly until it reaches the target. Only when the light of dawn comes up will it stop.


Evolved into Dusclops with hypnotic powers, this Pokemon becomes a true black hole capable of swallowing everything, and even when it reaches Dusnoir, it can even guide human souls into its gaping mouth. placed on his torso if “receiving orders” from the afterlife. Combined with Duskull’s “child-loving” habit, Emergenceingame.Com lets your imagination do the rest.

But at least Duskull has an easy-going appearance. Looking at Banette, we are really shocked that it looks like a Pokemon version of Annabelle.


Indeed because Banette is a ghost-type Pokemon with the form of a cursed doll. Banette’s habit is to live in small alleys or dirty trash cans, where toys are thrown away. However, the special thing about this Pokemon is that it always harbors extreme hatred that we can never know why. When attacking, Banette cursed by transforming herself into a substitute for her victim and using javelins to stab herself. All those scary things about Banette make us imagine a doll that was thrown away and harbored a grudge in our hearts, from which to hang around in every alley where we were left to take revenge on the owner.

With the terrifying biographies of these 2 Pokemon.. gamers will feel the real spooky atmosphere when Pokemon GO Start your Halloween event.

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