What’s new in the Valorant 1.07 update?

In the latest update on September 1 has brought many changes to the game Valorant. A lot of Agent has been edited, with Killjoy and Sage nerfed, while Breach get buffed. Gun line Shotguns and Vandal Well adjusted, at the same time mode Competitive has also received a change.

Valorant updated to the latest version

Valorant’s Patch 1.07 is a big update! There are many changes in this release.

Killjoy Get a big edit for the first time after launch. This will cause her to decrease her power after a period of storming in the previous version. Viper, Breach, Sova and Sage are all edited.

All Shotguns will have their projectiles adjusted, meanwhile Shorty and Judge nerfed again. Vandal will be buffed the first time.

1. Adjust the power of Agents in Valorant


Agent Sage - Valorant

Heal – Heal:

  • Heal reduced from 100 over 5 seconds to 60 over 5 seconds.
  • Self healing reduced from 100 over 5 seconds to 60 over 10 seconds. The goal is to reduce the amount of healing done during the round. Hence, Sage is discouraged from using it on his own and takes more time to recover.

Skill Slow Orb:

  • The area of ​​impact is reduced by 30%. This correction was meant to increase the effectiveness of the skill.

Skill Barrier Orb:

  • Price reduced from 400 coins to 300 coins.
  • The wall forms at 400 HP – after a 3 second delay, the wall solidifies to 800 HP.


Agent Killjoy in Valorant


  • A little more time before it explodes.
  • Damage reduced from 60 to 40.
  • Image effects have been added to help with detection Nanoswarm easier on the ground. The sound range of the Nano invisibility has been increased slightly.

Place Turret:

  • No longer detected by Recon Bolt of the Sova.
  • The turret would fire more accurately and effectively and the target was aimed at.


Agent Viper - Valorant

Toxic Screen

  • Can now be placed during the purchase phase of rounds, through the protective barrier.
  • Toxic Screen When forming begins to erect to maximum length faster.


  • Decay For smokers skills no longer affect allies.

Viper’s Pit

  • Show range Viper’s Pit on your teammate’s mini map when in use.


Guy "cattle" Breach


  • Off-screen flashpoints will now function like other blind grenades in the game, and apply the minimum blind grenade effect more often.
  • Spend increased from 2 to 3.
  • Reduced standby time from 0.6 seconds to 0.5 seconds.

Rolling Thunder

  • Reduced delay between detonations from 0.3 => 0.255.


  • Dizziness disables the player’s viewfinder and disallows it to be turned on again.
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ADC Sova in Valorant

  • Updated physical effects to his cloak Sova to reduce flying hitbox (dummy to confirm hit) of the character.
  • Updated hand model in First Person’s perspective Sova to conform to the true standards of the Agent other.

Weapon updates – mainly focused on the Shotgun line

All shotgun updated and reworked mind-grabbing mechanics. When fired with a shotgun headshot, The jerk mechanism will affect less than all other weapons. All shotgun Corrected the hit slow mechanism for targets more than 10 meters away.

When hitting an opponent more than 10 meters away, the hit delay value is different from the normal mechanism.

New bullet slow slow: 30% slow for 0.5 seconds and will gradually restore normal speed.

The goal of these changes is to improve the feel of shotgun players and to ensure that they are not causing abnormal behavior. For example, slowing down due to a bullet hit or jerked from a distance longer than expected and then a teammate will take down the target with that adverse effect, or make it harder to fight when against a weapon that should have been dangerous at close range, but almost harmless when it was out of effective range.)

Power’s down Shorty. Decreased first damage reduction range from 9 m => 7 m.
Update damage multiplier headshot from 3x => 2x (now has the same factor as Judge and Bucky).

Our goal is to engage users Shorty have to work harder to take the kills by getting them a little closer to their target.

Power’s down Judge by increasing the cost from 1500 to 1600.

The goal is to see a slight increase in the cost of Judge combined with other changes of shotgun Did the situation change when confronted with this gun? We will continue to monitor and make other corrections if needed

Increase strength for Vandal through increased rate of fire from 9.25 to 9.75 and base damage from 39 to 40.

The goal is to Vandal can compete more equally with Phantom. We believe that these two dancers are not very different in the game and hope that these changes will realize that.

3. Redo the visual effect of bullet hit

The server-based shot confirmation visual effects will now appear where the projectile is on the character’s body and remain at that location (previously, confirmation spawned in game space and stayed still there).

We did run into some problems with the clarity of the hit confirmation system when the character moved into a bullet-hit visual effect (e.g. player bowed to an area with a bullet hit effect) , causing players to be confused about where the bullets hit. This change will clarify the position of the bullet hit on the character, even while on the move.

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An additional small spark visual effect predicted by the client will now appear at the location of a bullet hit in game space.

With the changes to align with the traditional visual effects of a bullet from the server, we wanted to add instant bullet response so you can see the bullet area hit and adjust the reticle accordingly. Think of this new visual effect as an improved bullet streak display line. It is important to note that bullets are predicted by the client: sightings NO MEANING Your projectile is validated on the server (similar to the line showing the bullet track).

Change spark hit photo effect: edit shape and color to look like a blood picture effect shape
Explain: We want players to be able to play with any pick without experiencing any effects with greater clarity.

Resize image effects headshot, in which blood and sparks are slightly reduced.

Visual effects headshot will obscure the player’s head and make it even more difficult to track the player behind this effect, especially at long distances. We have scaled down this visual effect a bit to make it easier to track goals.

4. Competitive update mode

Rematch: When the match starts on a 4v5 (or even more difference), players can choose to end the current match and wait in line for a new match.

If any player disconnects at the start of the match (the start of the purchase phase) until the end of the first round, you can call for a rematch at the start of the second round by typing / remake in chat.

All connected players on the rematch team can vote for a rematch – All connected players must agree to be able to rematch.

Rematch voting will last until the end of the purchase phase, voting will expire if not approved before the end of the purchase period.

If voting is successful and the rematch is played, all players who voted will not receive any XP good score MMR any match. The match will also not be shown on the match history. All disconnected players who do not participate in voting will be deducted full points MMR due to a loss, and receive the same dropout penalty as for disconnecting during a full match ..

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Picture Ranking has been updated to better differentiate wins at different ranks.

Changing some of the lengthy lines could cause confusion in the restriction message for players who need to play extra regular matches to unlock ranked play.

Purpose to show more clearly that the mode Samsara and Spike Lightning does not count towards the unlocking process Ranked Match.

5. Focus on improving game quality

Viewers can enable player line of sight (default shortcut: R).

The viewer can hide or show the contours of each team (default shortcut: H – All, J – Same team as the player who is watching, K – Opponent of the player who is following, L – Hide).

The display of body markers will now comply with the colorblind option when the cadaver option is turned off.

The order of the shortcuts to select players while watching does not change during overtime.

Viewers will now see the amount on the player’s watch interface.

Added custom in-game user interface off (General Settings> Hide In-Game User Interface).

Add custom crosshair off (Mindfulness> Off Point of View).

Viewers can hide their hands in first-person view. (General Settings> Hide Hands In First Person Perspective).

Viewers can go to the settings panel to enable / disable the team crosshair color display for the player who is watching (General Settings> Using Team Colors as Mind Color).

Improved frame rate by allowing more multi-threaded visual effects, which include Smoke Dark of the Brimstone and Lightning Lightning of the Breach.

For players who want to hide their identity in the game, Valorant has added the following features:

  • Hide my name from non-squad members (will use spy names).
  • Hide names of people in matches who are not in my squad (spy names will be displayed).

These features are in effect from the time the spy is selected until the end of the match. We also added a hide option and automatically decline friend requests.

  • Improved bullet hit visual effects (see details in separate section).

6. Fix some minor bugs

Fixed a bug where both teams called for a surrender vote, the following calling team would not have a voting option.

Fixed an issue where only the English Section Rank suggestion would be displayed when selecting another language.

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