Some simple tips to cool down your phone quickly

With today’s hot weather, it is extremely important to protect smartphones from overheating, resulting in fire and explosion. Besides, we have a lot of entertainment activities around smartphones such as listening to music, watching movies, playing online games, especially heavy games like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire, League of Legends good Arena of valor. That also significantly contributes to the increase in the amount of heat in your phone.

In the following article content, Fun Game will give you some tips to cool down, cool down for phones to protect and increase their usage life. Please refer

Place the phone in a cool place, away from sunlight

Place in a cool place

In hot weather like scorching summer, you should find a cool place to store your phone, avoid “mysterious” places such as pocket or trunk and prevent direct sunlight. smartphone.

Turn off wireless connections and background apps when you don’t need them

Turn off wireless connections

Wireless connections such as wifi, 4G, Bluetooth or GPS all “consume” a lot of battery and heat up very quickly. Besides, the applications running in the background on the phone will consume RAM and also increase the temperature. So close all wireless connections and background apps when it’s not really useful.

Reduce screen brightness

Reduce screen brightness

Another similar operation that you should perform in parallel is to adjust the screen brightness to an appropriate level because the screen brightness is proportional to the energy consumption. From there, the phone will generate more heat.

Choose the right case or phone cover

Choose the right phone case

The habit of using cases or cases will help protect our smartphones from physical impacts. But sometimes, it is also the cause of overheating for the phone because there are leather cases or covers that will usually hold the heat inside. Therefore, choose plastic and rubber cases or covers that will better support the heat dissipation problem.

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Charge the battery properly

Charge the battery properly

This sounds simple, but sometimes we still make the following mistakes

  • Using an unknown charger can easily lead to explosion in your phone
  • Use the smartphone while it is charging

In addition, please choose a cool place when charging your phone

Above are some small tips to help you take care of your “mobile phone”. If you find it helpful, please share this article for many people to see.

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