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What’s new in the Rules of Survival update on January 17?

The survival shooter Rules Of Survival is increasingly attracting a large number of players, because the gameplay is no different from Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) but completely free.

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After the January 4 update, NetEase continued to release a new update on January 17, bringing a lot of changes in features, gameplay as well as other valuable improvements. Please follow the article below:

Details of the update on January 17 of the game Rules Of Survival

New feature

  • Add the citizenship selection section.
  • Added the ability to tilt the head.
  • Rename in the game, each player can change their name 1 time / month.
  • Add chicken grenades (Chicken Grenades), throw wider, bigger dame, have special effects.
  • Get more tokens (Token) by sharing a photo and reaching rank # 1 every day.
  • Add items to Token Store, there is a purchase limit in Token Store.
  • Added an Elite Supply, has a Gun Skin and only gets a Butler item piece from the Elite Supply.
  • Discount for Winter clothing.
  • Discount Store has 2 tabs Packs and Look, which are regularly updated.
  • Change Advanced Supplies. Add the Pure Preppy and Plaid Preppy outfit, and remove the Punk and Dark Rose outfit.

Added the ability to tilt the head

Gameplay updates

  • More spots with boats on the riverbank.
  • Load adjustment: SUV and car can carry 5 people, 3-wheel rickshaw can carry 11 people.
  • Increase the throw range of grenades. Fixed a bug where grenades did not damage the vehicle.
  • Spectate optimization (Dead observation). Can observe the person who shoots him.

Load adjustment

General editing

  • Increase the time the game runs in the background when the game loses connection.
  • Fixed many bugs of self-propelled aircraft.

Improved sound and effects

  • Reduced navigational ability of those who have died.
  • Change the image of pistol bullets.
  • Optimize the effects of gas bombs.

Change the look

  • Change character location icons on map.
  • Optimize the Store tab, Equipment.
  • Increase the friend request limit.
  • Optimized features that require playing with.

Particularly for the PC version

  • Players can purchase items by scanning a QR code.

With so many changes above, it promises to bring players extremely fierce battles to become the last survivor. In addition, you should also refer to the following articles to play the game Rules of Survival more effectively:

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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