PUBG Mobile: Scope X8 areas most easily found in Erangel

Accessories in PUBG Mobile There are many, but there are only a few things that are really important to gamers, the most important items that are considered to be recovery items, boost items, expansion cartridges, shirts and bulletproof helmets … there is also Scope again.


Especially Scope X8 when you grab one of the guns Sniper and DMR as Kar98K, AWM, SKS, Mini-14, SLR, M24, M14. These guns will maximize their strengths when attached to the X8 and will help you dominate in combat, but compared to other aiming accessories, the X8 always depends on a rare row. appeared, especially in fierce fighting places.

Down here, will introduce to you the areas with the most Scope X8 in PUBG Mobile and how to find it Scope X8 in PUBG Mobile, namely in Map Erangel.

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PUBG Mobile: The areas where X8 is easiest to find in PUBG Mobile

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In the ERANGEL map, there will be 5 areas where you can find X8, of which there are both HOT regions and deserted areas, including: Shooting Range, Geogropol, Pochinki, Sosnovka Military Base and Novorepnoye.

If with experienced gamers, then definitely hot areas like Pochinki, Military Base and Geogropol are the places they go to if they want to kill or get killed fastest. Meanwhile, the two areas are Shooting Range and Novorepnoye is deserted more than the three areas above, especially Shooting Range.

PUBG Mobile

The reason you probably know, if the plane’s flight passes through here, very few people jump down, partly because looking on the map Shooting Range does not have much to appeal to gamers, so if you are If you want to loot Scope X8 safely, please choose this location to loot.

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One thing to note is that you can find X8 in buildings in the above areas, but they will not appear fixed in one place but will change. “accommodation” continuously after each game, but for sure they will only appear within those areas.

If you don’t like early fighting or die early, jump into remote areas like Kameshiki, Zharki, Lipovka, Primorsk and QuarryAlthough the X8 frequency of these areas is not as much as the 5 areas above, it is quite possible to have a single aperture. Kar98K and at least an X8.

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And a location for sure will appear Scope X8 100% That is “Hearing”, many gamers keep saying that they have a crate, they have a box, not. Yes, because Scope X8 appears most often in AirDrop only later in the match, which is around 12 minutes After starting the game, 4 out of 10 AirDrop chests (last 4 boxes) will definitely give you X8 if you have access to it. “Hearing” safe.

Those are the locations where you can find Scope X8 in PUBG Mobile, if you see Scope X8 then loot even if there is no suitable gun. Then look for the suitable Sniper or DMR to attach the X8 to. If you want to loot more that please refer to the article TOP 12 PUBG Mobile’s best loot loot locations.

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