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Quick Nhu Chop is one of the television gameshow with the largest number of followers of HTV7. Under the guidance of 2 MCs Truong Giang and Hari Won, the program Fast as Lightning quickly covered the whole country with a series of fun and brain-damaging puzzles. Not only are the puzzles fun but also extremely difficult word puzzles that require “infinity IQ” of the player. Here are the best questions of the show Fast as Lightning, see and test intellectual talent with your friends.

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Great puzzles of Lightning Fast
Great puzzles of Lightning Fast

The best Lightning-Fast puzzles

Who is the girl that everyone is afraid of, not just the students?

Answer: Corona (Co na)

What animal has a nose without eyes, a tongue without a mouth?

Answer: The knife

At the end of the story “A hundred-burned bamboo”, Mr. Khoai flew into the sky with what?

Answer: Anh Khoai does not fly to the sky.

What has 2 holes: if there is wind, it will live, if it does not, it will die?

Answer: Nostrils

What animal has no spine and still can stand?

Answer: A slope

Which car never goes down?

Answer: Tank

How many teeth do the three chickens have?

Answer: Chicken has no teeth

What was born king?

Answer: The king crab

Which house is cold but everyone wants to come?

Answer: Bank

What cotton does not grow from the tree?

Answer: Earrings

What sport has both a king and a queen?

Answer: Chess

Where is the common car without wheels?

Answer: In chess

Which ants never sleep?

Answer: Knowledge

Everyone is afraid of eating what fruit?

Answer: Retribution

Which wall is the longest in the world?

Answer: Great Wall of Great Wall

What coin that most people like?

Answer: Money

What has no legs, no tail, no body with many heads?

Answer: TV bridge

What animal has no spine and still can stand?

Answer: A slope

What cake carries the animal’s name?

Answer: Buffalo croissants

What is the biggest snail?

Answer: Oasis

What is more and more stored?

Answer: Leave home

What is more delicious?

Answer: Sleep

What is the longest and hardest one?

Answer: The road

What child was born morally bad?

Answer: Donkey

What cake to eat less but more?

Answer: Banh Mi

What animal has wings without feathers?

Answer: A kite

What should the left hand handle but not the left hand?

Answer: The left arm

Kim what most people like?

Answer: Kim money, diamond

Kim what are children most often afraid of?

Answer: Needle sting

Where can humans see the most sea?

Answer: On a map or globe

What game 5 is less than 2, 2 is less than 0 and 0 is less than 5?

Answer: Confused

What fruit can not be picked but is easily broken?

Answer: Heart

What color is the little red riding hood wearing the hat?

Answer: She does not wear a hat

Who is my mother’s husband?

Answer: Father / father / purple me

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