What’s new in iOS 10.1, new features on iOS 10.1

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Do you know what the new features on iOS 10.1 are? What’s new in iOS 10.1 will be the topic that Emergenceingames.com wants to send to you in this article, whether this iOS 10.1 has anything more special than the previous iOS 10.0.2 or iOS 10.1 beta, or new features. on iOS 10.1 is really good for iPhone and iPad devices, let’s find out with Emergenceingames.com.

If you are still unsure whether to upgrade to iOS 10.1, Emergenceingames.com believes that after this article on new features on iOS 10.1, you can make the correct decisions for your device to see if What are the benefits of upgrading iOS 10.1, let’s join Emergenceingames.com to find out what’s new in iOS 10.1.


What’s new in iOS 10.1, new features on iOS 10.1

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– You can download iOS 10.1 Firmware to your computer here: Download iOS 10.1 high speed to your device.

1. Camera and Photos


What can be seen most clearly in this iOS 10.1 update is the Camera and Photos feature:

– With Camera program

+ In the upgraded version of iOS 10.1, the error of opening the Camera application has been fixed, causing annoying screen flickering and dimming.

+ Upgrade as well as improve the color gamut for the device when performing grid photography.

+ Add Portrait mode (taking photos to remove fonts) on iPhone 7 Plus devices.

– With Photos app

+ Fixed an issue where access to the Photos app would crash when using the iCloud Photo Library feature.

+ Add mode to display names in Photos when storing to iCloud.

2. iMessage app


The Messenger feature on iPhone with attractive improvements on iOS 10 is highly appreciated by many people, but this application often encounters errors, so in this upgraded version of iOS 10.1:

– Fix, fix the error of displaying the wrong name in the contacts.

– Fix, fix serious error when opening Messager with white screen.

– Fix and fix the error of recording video and sending it in Messenges without sound and sound.

– Fix the bug that the option to report spam messages is not displayed with messages sent from unknown numbers.


+ Allows the option to replay the full wallpaper effects and the Messenges bubbles.

+ When using the Reduce Motion feature, the message effects will still work as usual.

3. Maps app


Apple’s Maps application has made interesting improvements that are extremely useful when you want to make a trip abroad:

– Allows display of public transport in Japan.

– Improved sign navigation system

– Support access, search for routes, underground train stations with other public transport stations.

– Save travel costs with the mode of comparing the cost of traveling by different public transport.

4. Connectivity to Apple Watch


But the improvement in the upgraded version of iOS 10.1 helps iPhone and iPad devices with many improvements in Apple Watch connectivity such as:

– Fix 3rd party applications crashing when entering text.

– Fix and fix the error of not syncing playlists, not receiving a connection signal from Activity Sharing, Activity Sharing automatically runs updates over 3G without permission (even turned off this feature) .

– Increased distance and exercise information in the Activity app for people with disabilities using wheelchairs.

5. Other features and performance

– Improved Bluetooth connectivity between devices and accessories.

– Improved AirPlay Mirroring mode (display sync screen between iOS device and projection screen) when the device is in “sleep” state.

– Fix iTunes’ Show iTunes Purchases bug that prevented users from playing newly purchased music.

– Fix the iPhone 7, 7 Plus front camera integration error with Selfie apps not displaying the image before taking it.

– Upgrade and improve web sharing feature from Safari web browsing to Messages application.

– Fix the bug that Safari web browsing does not display the correct web page content in the preview in the tab management interface.

– Fix errors in the Mail application including: Loss of search bar, Emails containing HTML formatted content display the wrong content, customize the font instead of being adjusted to a small font.

– Fix the error that Today View Widgets could not be updated.

– Fixed Weather Widget not displaying information.

– Fixed the problem of not showing the Home button effect on iPhone 7 in search results.

– Fix the error of not notifying, displaying Spam messages and calls from blocked numbers.

– Fix the alarm sound is off.

– Fix iPhone 7, 7 Plus error that disables the Taptic Engine feature of the virtual Home button when playing music via Bluetooth.

– Fix the error that user data could not be recovered from iCloud Backup.

So we have found out what’s new in iOS 10.1 as well as new features on iOS 10.1 to help you better understand the changes with this updated version for iPhone and iPad devices, hopefully through this article. Now you can orient whether to upgrade iOS 10.1 for iPhone, iPad or continue to use old iOS versions, especially for those who are using iPhone 7 Plus device, the upgraded version This will help the device become more complete with the unique camera feature of the iPhone 7 Plus, but to be able to use the iPhone device after upgrading to iOS 10.1 for longer to avoid the battery drain that often occurs after each update. When you update your device, you can apply a way to save battery life for your iPhone to use for your iPhone devices.


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