What’s HOT in the PUBG PC 6.2 Update?

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In the upcoming PUBG PC 6.2 Update, the publisher PUBG Corp has added a new game mode, Team Deathmatch 8vs8 game mode with 7 new battlefields that will bring you intense, explosive battles. tactical side.

PUBG Corp has been making some necessary changes to give players a great experience. Here are the details of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PC 6.2 update for those who are curious.

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PUBG PC 6.2 update details

1. Team Deathmatch mode

Team Deathmatch mode will appear as soon as gamers update PUBG PC 6.2, an 8vs8 battle on 7 different battlefields taken from favorite maps. TDM features unlimited combat and respawn mechanics like other versions. The team with the highest Kill in 10 minutes or 50 points will win.
– 8 VS 8
– Only first-person perspective (FPP)
– Has a starter kit (guns, grenades…)
– Unlimited Resurrection
– Automatically leave the room when the phone hangs
– List of Team Deathmatch mode maps in PUBG PC 6.2 update
+ ERANGEL: Stalber, Sosnovka Military Base
+ MIRAMAR: Campo Militar
+ SANHOK: Paradise Resort, Docks
+ VIKENDI: Podvosto, Peshkova

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2. Changes in grenades, petrol bombs in PUBG PC 6.2

– Explosive Grenades
+ Explosive Grenades deal 20% less damage to low health players
Explosion Grenades increase base weight by 50%.
+ Pulling the Explosion Grenade latch is now louder and can be heard from a distance.
– Smoke Grenades
+ Reduced smoke appearance time from 3 seconds to 1 second.
– Stun Grenades
+ Effect radius increased from 5.5m => 6.5m
+ Just like Explosive Grenades, the latch is louder
+ Add a slight vibration effect for players near the explosion
– Petrol bombs, fire bombs
+ Increases fire spread speed by 50%.
+Fire can now spread a bit more, damage radius also increased.
+ Changed the way fire spreads around objects, burning continuously to the back of objects (especially objects like trees).
+ Players standing in fire will take 10 extra damage per second.
+ Fire now rises higher and is obstructed by blocking objects.

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3. Adjusted Karakin map in PUBG PC 6.2

– G36C and MP5K have been added to Karakin
– The spawn rate of First Aid Kits and boosters has been improved
– DMR, SR, and Win94 spawn rates on Karakin are down
– Increase the speed to move the ambulance plane faster on the island
– Adjusted Blue Zone effect
+ Changed the effect of Blue Zone on ground contact.
+ Change sound in and out of Blue Zone.

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4. Improved Blood effect vision in PUBG PC 6.2

– Increase blood color saturation with distance for better visibility
– Extended bleeding distance when shot

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In addition, the updated version of PUBG PC 6.2 also adjusts and fixes a few other functions, but the most notable point is still the Team Deathmatch 8vs8 game mode, changing so that the game always brings appeal to players. play. If you encounter house not showing error in PUBG then please refer to the article to fix them fastest.

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