Garena Free Fire: Everything you need to know about location with Groza

Vị trí súng Groza trong Free Fire

Groza is one of the best assault rifles in Garena Free Fire. Here it is Where you can find Groza while playing Free Fire.

Groza gun position in Free Fire

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Garena Free Fire is currently the most famous battle royale game in the world. There are many factors that contributed to the success of this survival shooter game. One of them is definitely a huge collection of weapons, suitable for all your playing styles. Players have access to all types of weapons in Free Fire, from AR, DMR, pistols to guns to sniper …

However, most players prefer to use assault rifles in Free Fire because of their damage, rate of fire and great flexibility. And the Groza is arguably the most powerful rifle of the Free Fire. Here it is location where you can find the Groza gun in Garena Free Fire.

Groza gun position in Free Fire

Groza is impressed by its high damage per shot and no AR weapon can match its rate of fire. This weapon works well in mid and long range battles. It also excels in close range battles thanks to its high precision.

Groza gun stats in Free Fire

The Groza rifle can be found in the crate, bonus tokens, and resupply map. This gun is not available as conventional loot in buildings or other similar locations. The only mode you can find Groza not in crates or loot is Rush Hour Match. This is a thrilling mode, hardest “hardest” when playing Free Fire. You need the best weapons to participate in Rush Hour and try to destroy as many targets as possible.

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The Groza gun area in Free Fire

Another way to find Groza in Free Fire when you can’t loot crates is to take out anyone who owns them.

The above is Groza gun position in Free Fire and tips for owning it. If you know more ways to have Groza when playing any other Free Fire, please share with

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