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Finally, the role-playing game Long Ky Nguyen officially reached players on February 14, 2020, a lot of Code Long Era and extremely valuable resources from NPH VTC Mobile for players in the early stages of the game. released for free.

Join Dragon Age Players are allowed to choose 1 of 3 main character classes including Demon, Soul, and Beast. Each character class has the ability to transform the Dragon Warrior to increase physical damage, the rate of attack is extremely hegemony.

code long ky nguyen

Code Long Era

– Guild Code: ND54C677
– Army Summoning Code: Qi4uPX1t
– Code Vote App: QQF2mRXL
– Black Dragon: XAaJgLKV
– Fire Dragon: u2A97IP3
– Red Dragon: W1FJQLfu
– Than Long: f1R9B8VJ
– Ma Long: GDQUMJWd

How to get Code Long Era

Event 1: Hard fan
– Reward: Code Dragon Era 1 Million
– Link to join: Event 1

Event 2: Vote App 5 stars
– Reward: Code Dragon Era 300K
+ 5 Soul Fragment Chests
+ 10 command recruits
+ 10 spirit stone crossbows (small)
+ 10 shield stones (small).
– Link to join: Event 2

Event 3: Guild Newsletter
– Reward: Code Dragon Era 300K
+ Purple Spirit of Spirit
+ 5 Soul Fragment Chests
+ 5 Pills exp pee mounts
+ 10 Level 1’s Rage Stone Slaying Stones
+ 10 Level 1 Meteor Recovery
– Link to join: Event 3

Event 4: Reported
– Reward: Code Dragon Era 300K
– Link to join: Event 4

Event 5: Army Summoning
– Reward: Code Dragon Era 300K
+ 20 spirit stone crossbows (small)
+ 20 shield stones (small)
+ 5 Soul Fragment Chests
+ 5 Hero Chests
+ 5 Knitting tablets x2 ex
+ 5 Command Recruit
– Link to join: Event 5

code long ky nguyen 3

In addition, you can also get Code Long Era by participating in events on Fanpage or Group forums, each event provides a different Code and reward value, so please participate to receive many Codes. Longest Era if possible.

– Join Fanpage to receive Code Long Era here.
– Join the Group to receive Code Long Era here

Instructions for using Code Long Era

Step 1: At the main interface in the game Long Era, you click the icon Welfare (level 30 appears).

code long ky nguyen 4

Step 2: In the store Welfare => Click Gift Code.

code long ky nguyen 5

Step 3: Insert code Code Long Era in the empty box on the right => click Change, the reward from the GiftCode code Dragon Era immediately flew directly into the character’s inventory.

code long ky nguyen 6

Above are all instructions on how to receive and enter Code Long Era, do not miss the opportunity to receive extremely valuable resources to help you experience the game better. Don’t forget to get the full set Code Romance Sword Mobile latest here.

Link download game Long Era

Right now gamers can download and install the game Long Era on mobile devices, you should choose the appropriate link for the OS before clicking the link below.

– Link to download Android version: Dragon Age for Android
– Link to download iOS version: Dragon Age for iPhone

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