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The football genre always brings a strong attraction to gamers, giving players the feeling of stepping into the virtual world version of “Shaolin Team”. The melancholy shots like Giang Long Thap Bat Chuong, the phase of fighting for the ball like Invisible Feet .. all make gamers die because of the heroic ball games.


If you are one of those image enthusiasts then welcome to Retro Soccer – title football game The standard four-button style has just been officially released on Mobile. Bringing gamers the extremely passionate football matches, Retro Soccer will give you unique moments of fun.


Completely different from the control mechanism of FIFA, PES or Dream League Soccer, Retro Soccer introduces gamers to a style of gameplay never seen before. There, gamers will directly press and release the screen to command the player to take the ball to the desired position, similar to the control mechanism of a MOBA or tactical game. And yet, in addition to pressing on a teammate to pass the ball, the player can also keep his finger in a certain position on the screen, thereby issuing commands to the player to run and perform extremely sloths. good art.


However, that’s just the basic system because right after that Retro Soccer I will introduce to you my “set of spells”. Here, just a flick of the hand on the screen, your player is ready to launch a free kick, sending the ball like a fiery meteor to the opponent’s goal. And yet, with just a flick of your hand, your player can split dozens of meters, rushing straight into the opponent’s copper pipe with the force of a train.


Retro Soccer game trailer.

It sounds violent, but in fact, Retro Soccer shows those balls in a colorful and funny style, characterized through Minecraft-like angular models. It is because of that graphic style that Retro Soccer reminds us of an old four-button era, where players were just short guys running around on the field.


With countless games that want to simulate real life out there, small names like Retro Soccer It is indeed a rare item. Therefore, what are you waiting for without enjoying this fun and equally challenging game right here:

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