How to move, dance style in Counter Strike

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The way to move and dance in Counter Strike will be shared by in the article below to help you play Counter Strike more easily. This is a game that is being loved by many gamers because of its mission, gameplay, and impressive graphics.

In addition to shooting skills in Counter Strike, players also need to know a lot of styles moves in Counter Strike help you survive as well as defeat the opponent in the match. This is also what determines the victory or defeat in a match in Counter Strike. If you want to become a master in Counter Strike, the following secret is not to be missed. The tips and skills in this article will help you get the secret to becoming a master in Counter Strike, game half life

how to move cool in counter strike

How to move, dance style in Counter Strike

To use the dance moves in Counter Strike or move in Counter Strike is not difficult, but applying the right cards to the right situation is really difficult and in addition, if you are not a proficient person, you are very easy to fail in the notes. jump.

Move in Counter Strike, How to jump in Counter Strike

Fast Run fast movement technique.

This technique helps you move faster than usual a lot, the speed of holding a pistol or knife is very fast. Here are 2 ways you can apply Fast Run.

Normal fast run: Press and hold W to move and orient the face at a 45-degree angle, then lightly and quickly press the A or D key to increase speed. The condition is that the direction of view is opposite to the direction of travel.

Running close to the wall: This way requires you to run close to the wall, if you move to the outside, you have to rotate the screen 45 degrees, press A or D but not continuously.

how to move cool in counter strike

Air Strafe quick movement technique

This technique helps you to move quickly to reverse the movement, both the mouse and the direction of movement turn to one side when forming a 180 degree angle. If you press A, the mouse moves to the left, and if you press D, the mouse moves to the right.

Note: Don’t press W while jumping because it slows down.

how to move cool in counter strike

How to dance in Counter Strike with Prestafe

This technique helps you to jump long without gaining momentum or running from a distance, very simple when you are moving W normally then out to the edge suddenly press A or D (press and hold) then press the jump key, You will find yourself jumping further than usual.

how to move cool in counter strike

Doubleduck dance technique

This is the simplest technique when you just hold the go button to move near the platforms, boxes or obstacles and then press CTrl (default sit button) to overcome the obstacles without having to gain momentum. .

Note: pressing Ctrl should be relatively fast, pressing too slowly will slow down the operation and you will fail.

how to move cool in counter strike

Move in Counter Strike – Sliding/Surfing.

This skill is very good, easy to use but only applicable to the environment of cross movement on surfaces. To perform this skill forces you to move on diagonal walls, keep moving and press A or D repeatedly so as not to fall into the water. Of course, you should move the conversation slightly stooped to achieve great effect.

how to move cool in counter strike

How to jump in Counter Strike you should know:

Bhops/Bunnyhops Style: This is a zigzag jump that continuously follows a zigzag line without stopping, this jump is quite difficult to do.

Countjump/: This is a dance technique that makes HightJump dance simpler and easier and also makes Longjump easier to perform.

Edgebug/: The technique of jumping from above without losing blood by holding a knife and touching the edge of the landing area, here is more like a game error than jumping technique.

Jumpbug/: Almost like Edgebug, ie falling from above without losing any blood and of course not dying. This skill needs to watch the Unit to perform, so it is very difficult to do.
Above has guided you to move in Counter Strike (half life) and how to dance in Counter Strike, if you do not have the game, download half life to your computer. To master all of the above skills takes a lot of time and effort to learn, hopefully with your love of Counter Strike will soon help you become a Counter Strike player. In addition, those who want to learn about Counter Strike should also learn 10 things to know when playing Counter Strike, that will be indispensable luggage for gamers.

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