What makes BlueStacks 4 the best Android emulator?

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With version BlueStacks 4 Recently launched, it not only meets the basic needs of users but also has a multitude of features to help players have the best experience. For those who have used the version BlueStacks 3 then every experience of playing Android games has been great, there are almost no barriers in a mobile game that is played the way it is played on a computer. However, you will feel even better with BlueStacks 4 when all advantages are maximized as well as limited what BlueStacks 3 is still promising to users.

8 improvements to help gamers play Android games perfectly

With the following 8 improvements will definitely help gamers play the most perfect Android game without almost having one emulator software which can do.

Intuitive interface, faster and smoother

The first thing that strikes the user’s eyes is the improved interface of BlueStacks 4, although it is a little bit but it is enough for users to feel the complete change because the BlueStacks 4 interface becomes very elegant. exit, easy to see as well as easy to use.

Improved interface is more intuitive

Not only that, the swipes as well as the surfing are extremely smooth, there is almost no pause during use even if your computer has an average configuration.

Game controls maximum support for Android games

Game controls are the Key Mapping feature, which is the bridge that turns Android applications and games into a real PC game. For those who are used to using Key Mapping on previous versions and realize its advantages, now BlueStacks 4 does even better. Now BlueStacks 4’s system can automatically recognize a series of “blockbuster” games like PUBG Mobile, Arena of valor, Rules of Survival, MU Online, Black Desert USA, Lineage Revolution… and automatically set up keyboard shortcuts for these games. What gamers need to do is just select the glasses to activate it

Key Mapping supports more perfectly

Of course, if you want to set up your own, then Game controls can still respond with a completely refreshed interface, more intuitive, easier to understand, as well as adding more functions with annotations for users. Easy to use.

Covers the entire application

Everything appears on your screen

In previous versions, if you installed about 20 applications, you would feel a little inconvenient because the interface on BlueStacks 3 is quite large. Now BlueStacks 4 has tweaked the size of the displayed app icons, allowing you to see more of the number of installed apps than. Not only that, when combined with the wallpaper of BlueStacks 4, it will help users easily see and categorize the applications they want to search immediately.

Just play the game and have a gift

Just play the game and have a gift?

A highlight when playing any game on BlueStacks 4 is that in addition to a great experience, you also have the opportunity to receive the latest game accessories and technology products now completely free thanks to the game mode. The game earns points and redeems extremely attractive rewards. BlueStacks is also software Android emulator This mode is the only one currently available.

Experience many premium features

Buy gifts online

In addition to having a chance to get gear As terrible as the above, the reward system on BlueStacks 4 is very rich, there is a virtual “store” for you to collect and exchange cards to earn points. In addition, those points are used to participate in games, change VIP members as well as buy exclusive themes on BlueStacks 4.

Own the exclusive BlueStacks Gear

Many BlueStacks 4 Exclusive Rewards

Owning terrible gear sets is not a simple matter, when they are inherently the dream of many gamers. BlueStacks will introduce gear sets from keyboards, mice to headsets specifically for its gamers. Just play the game and use the “unique” gear, which is something that not all emulators can do.

Play multiple accounts at the same time

Multi Account Mode on BlueStacks 4

The feature of playing multiple accounts at the same time is not really new. But BlueStacks 4 has upgraded and optimized it even more, making it possible to run more windows in parallel, more stable and reduce the consumption of system resources. Playing multiple windows is suitable for many online games that bring together gamers who like to “plow hoes”, instead of owning 2.3 gaming phones at the same time, you only need a computer running BlueStacks 4 is enough.

BlueStacks 4 is very fast and powerful

Super fast, super strong

Referring to BlueStacks 4, the phrase “extremely fast, extremely powerful” must be emphasized. According to the developer, BlueStacks 4 can be up to 6 times faster than any other phone on the market today, based on Antutu scores. During the experience, BlueStacks 4 proved to be extremely fast, even on computers with popular configurations will clearly feel this.

With 8 improvements as above, BlueStacks 4 is indeed an extremely valuable upgraded version. A perfect upgrade that BlueStacks 3 users have been waiting for a long time. An almost perfect Android emulator on the market today

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