Identity hotgirl transforms into a cool female sniper Celica in Mobile Alliance

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When Lauriel Lac Than has not stopped causing fever, NPH Arena of valor continues to release an equally glittering new cosplay photo, making gamers go from one surprise to another. And the main character this time is female Celica gunner with the ability to “bomb to destroy the enemy”.


However, with the perfect and excellent appearance of Lauriel Lac Than before, Celica cosplay photos could not help but be put on the scale to compare “who is more beautiful than who”. Of course, each person has their own opinion and opinion, some people like the clear, hot, seductive beauty of Lauriel Lac Than, others like the health and personality of Celica. But in general, the set of photos still receives constant praise from the fans of this game.


Like Lauriel Lac Than, right after the photo series was broadcast, the identity of the female cosplayer playing the role of Celica was investigated by “network detectives”. And this girl is none other than the popular 9x hotgirrl on facebook with more than 24 thousand followers – Trieu Thi Linh Hoa. Possessing a beautiful face like a doll, she was favored by netizens with the nickname “hot girl Moc Chau”. She was born on August 20, 1995, is an alumnus of Chengdu University. Linh Hoa won the first prize in the Korean Ulzzang Face Search contest – a contest held on the Ulzzang website.


With the advantage of beautiful appearance, Linh Hoa is not afraid to renew herself in many different styles. From sexy sexy to gentle or tomboy, personality, rebellious. Let’s admire the series of daily life photos of this hot girl below!

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