What is the store feature on Fanpage?

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A Facebook Shop is a place to showcase retailers’ products in a custom app on the Facebook Page tab. It will provide users with a simple and convenient way to search, share, and shop without leaving.

If you own or are looking to set up an online store, then using Facebook will be the simplest and most effective way. According to evaluation from Facebook Fanpage management tool Codon.vn https://codon.vn will help you increase sales in the process of business.

Shop on Facebook (Facebook Store or Facebook Shop) is a site where you can sell your products by reaching a wide customer base. You may be wondering why you need to open a store on Facebook when you already have another big e-commerce website. The answer is that Facebook currently has over 2 billion regular monthly users. This will be a huge number of customers that you can reach.

What is the essence of the cave on the fanpage?

What is the store feature on Fanpage?

Your Fanpage store is your product showcase – a retailer in a custom app on the Facebook Page tab. It will provide other users with a simple and convenient way to find, share, and purchase your products without leaving Facebook. On the other hand, it allows retailers to reach a huge number of customers without having to spend too much money. When you set up a shop on Fanpage, you will be able to:

– List products for sale
– Consult customers directly through fanpage
– Attract new customers to increase sales
– Get more likes for the product
– Offer attractive offers and promotions
– etc

Shop on Fanpage will allow you to sell through Facebook Page

You can set up a Facebook page for your business, completely separate from your personal account, and then start selling by creating a shop tab on the page.

When users land on your Facebook page, they can click on the store tab to shop directly.

Of course, to be able to attract buyers to your Fanpage store, you will have to grow your Facebook community and make this a key goal of your overall business marketing strategy. Community development or in other words increasing the number of loyal customers is also a way for you to grow your business. With Facebook’s features, you can easily find and target customers based on their special interests and make your fan page content accessible to more users.


No need to have too much knowledge about technology, you can still set up a shop on Facebook Fanpage, find target customers and sell.

Popular e-commerce platforms like Shopify and BigCommerce, and web-building platforms like Squarespace and Wix also have apps that help you set up a Facebook store quickly based on your existing product listings. mine. Unlike Facebook, these web-building platforms can also help run businesses and track inventory as they sell. In today’s multi-platform world, selling on the Facebook platform alone is not enough.

For the above reason, you shouldn’t just set up a shop on Facebook. By linking to other large and professional e-commerce websites, you will also have a better chance of success. Especially all updates will be automatically synced to the store on your Fanpage. Not only does this save time and effort, but it can also help avoid many of the mistakes made when updating manually.

With over 1 billion users using Facebook more than 50 minutes a day, it would be a smart choice to include Facebook in your business strategy. Growing the Facebook community is also a way to grow your reputation in the business world. If you don’t have a Fanpage, please refer to How to create a Facebook Fanpage right.

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