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In the latest versions of Firefox, users have an additional custom feature that hides, displays and opens a new blank tab on Firefox directly from the New Tab interface, which is quite useful. Let’s go to find out how to hide, show and open an empty New Tab tab on Firefox.

Sometimes a blank tab in Firefox feels a lot more comfortable than a new tab full of previously opened web pages, or favorites. Therefore, setting up an empty tab in Firefox is the only way that users can create a new empty tab space that is simpler and easier to use.

For users of other browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer or Coc Coc download, you can also refer to setting up a blank page in a new firefox tab to apply if this feature is available.

Hide, show open empty tab New Tab on Firefox

Method 1: Use settings directly from the New Tab . interface

Step 1: On the new tab interface (New tab), click on the gear icon in the top right corner of the screen.

Create a new page in firefox

This is the blank page setup item in firefox new tab New Tab Control (Firefox New Tab Settings) and you can instantly customize how the tab pane is displayed in the New Tab screen on Firefox

Step 2: Tick the item Show blank page (Shows a blank page).

Note, the change of this tip takes effect immediately, so you will see the New Tab screen on Firefox no longer showing the most visited websites or the suggested pages in Firefox.

install new tab in firefox

Method 2: Use system customization

Step 1: Import about:config go to the address bar of your Firefox browser and press Enter. By default Firefox will ask if you are sure to access it, remember to press ‘ll be careful, I promise! (I’ll be careful, I promise).

open new tabs in firefox

Step 2: Search or enter the following keyword in the search box of the Firefox customization page: browser.newtabpage.enabled

Press Enter to find keywords.

change the page in the new firefox tab

Step 3: When you find the above keyword, if you see the value in the column Value to be Trueyou tick and switch to the value False.

switch new tabs to pages on firefox

Restart Firefox to see the results. From now on, you can open empty tabs in Firefox easily.

The above trick helps users to hide, show blank pages, new tabs on Firefox, if you are using Google chrome or Coc Coc, you can also set up showing blank tabs when opening new tabs by changing in settings. put. However, with Firefox, one of the best web browsers today, you can also set up an empty tab in Firefox using the settings in the article.

Tabbing in Firefox is not a difficult trick to perform and users can customize tabs in Firefox with the settings or with the add-on downloaded from the store of choice.

Good luck!

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