What is Gacha Club OC? Everything you need to know about Gacha Club OC

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Gacha Club is the latest version of the famous fashion game Gacha Life. Like every other game in the same genre, Gacha Club Also offers a number of character customization, modes, mini-games and more. The article will provide everything you need to know about Gacha Club OC in the game.

What is Gacha Club OC? Everything you need to know about Gacha Club OC

What is Gacha Club?

What is Gacha Club

Developed by Lunime, Gacha Club is a new fashion game released for free on Android. Coming to Gacha Club, you will be able to create new characters, add them to your team, customize your outfits and provide unique sources of power, posture, equipment, pets … for your favorite character. The characters in Gacha Club are divided into many different systems, including Water, Wind, Fire, Light, Night, DJ …

You can choose from the preset or design your own character images from dresses, shirts, hairstyles, weapons to pants and more. In particular, Gacha Club also offers many interesting mini-games for players to unlock special costumes, Story mode to fight monsters, DJ Showdown to play music … What is better than that? Download game Gacha Club and explore for yourself.

What is Gacha Club OC?

What is Gacha Club OC

OC stands for Original Character, so, Gacha Club OC means original character, available in Gacha Club. The preset for the character shown on the main screen is OC designed by Gacha Club. You can’t create the original character by applying one of those presets, or just making minor tweaks.

You can create one Gacha Club OC and add it to your story so it represents your imagination and your own creativity, even your own personal style. Like the character coming out of a movie, TV or book, your OC needs to be unique with your own personality, unique skills and strength.

How to create Gacha Club OC

To create Gacha Club OC, you will have to be creative from scratch. Open the game Gacha Club on your phone and follow these steps:

Choose a preset

Preset Gacha Club OC

Touch the button Presets > choose your favorite character as the premise for OC. You can choose from different presets by tapping a corresponding icon on the bottom right of the screen (located right next to the arrow pointing to the right).

If you want to start from scratch, you can choose ‘Default Girl‘or’Default Boy‘from the Presets screen.

Choose your OC character

Choose the body shape for Gacha Club OC

You can customize the body shape for the character by touching the tab Body At the top. Here, you will see many character customization variations, including icon, skin, height, posture, head size, rotation and shadow.

Choose the body for the character in Gacha Club
  • Character icon: You can choose from among 14 different icons available in Gacha Club and edit it with your favorite skin color and border color.
  • Posture: You have 600 poses to choose from by categories such as standing, walking, running, crouching, sitting, sleeping, jumping / flying, fighting, dancing, playing a musical instrument, transforming … your Gacha Club OC can do follow exactly the poses you choose.
  • Height: You can choose character height from 20 different sizes.
  • Other parameters: You can fine-tune other small details in Gacha Club OC’s body shape including head size, rotation, head rotation, shadow, hand layout.

Customize the face of Gacha OC

After finishing the body, you can continue to change the face part by tapping the tab Head At the top.

Customize face for character Gacha Club OC

You have the following options:

  • Preset: Choose a favorite facial expression. Most eyes are selected via tabs Head> Preset. Gacha Club provides up to 40 character expressions.
Choose eye style for character Gacha Club
  • Hair: Like every other fashion game, Gacha Club not only allows you to choose the hairstyle on the front but also the back, ponytail, ahoge with more than 800 different styles. In addition, you can also choose hair color from basic color, light color, highlight …
  • Eye: Feel free to choose one of more than 125 versions of unique anime eyes to apply for your character Gacha Club OC. Not only that, you can change the pupils and eyebrows with your favorite style and color.
Choose eye style for character Gacha Club
  • Face: In the Face tab, you can fine-tune the face of Gacha Club OC by choosing the type of nose, mouth, blush, chin, eye angle, gloss …
Choose a face for the character Gacha Club

Create a fashion sense for the character

Now comes the main part of the fashion game – Costumes. This is the deciding factor for your Gacha Club OC spirit when applying different combinations according to characteristics and skills.

Choose a costume for character Gacha Club OC
  • Top & bottom sections: Move down to the Upper and Lower tabs in the Clothes section to choose the right outfit for OC. You can personalize shirts, sleeves, belts, coats, pants, socks … to decide on OC’s dress style.
  • Accessories and hats: In these sections, you can add hats, glasses, scarves, beauty accessories …
  • Other additional items: In the Other tab, you can choose to add gown, wings, tail, gloves. At the Extra tab, you have customization options for Gacha Club OC’s shoulders, knees, and wrists.
Choose a cape for the character Gacha Club OC

Add accessories, pets, widgets to increase the character’s ability

Basically, after completing the steps above, your Gacha Club OC is ready to hit the game. Now is the time to add more complexities to your character by adding equipment, effects, pets, and more. Tap tab Other at the top of the screen and choose a unique set of accessories for OC.

  • Props: You can add different accessories and shields to the two OC hands from over 300 different options.
  • Effects: Apply 100+ different effects to Gacha Club OC surroundings.
Accessories for characters Gacha Club OC
  • Pet: You can choose from among 20 different pets including dogs, squirrels, pets, aliens, snails, sharks … Pets can also be personalized as OC with color, location, different shadows and shades.
Choose a pet for the character Gacha Club
  • Objects: You can add new objects to the OC surroundings such as chairs, lights, bikes, balls, spaceships …
Selection of other widgets for Gacha Club OC

Shaping the style of Gacha Club OC

Give your character an impressive name and create a background image around it by tapping the tab Profile At the top. You can enter the name, date of birth, age and choose your favorite character, club, title, and other additional details. Character attributes include favorite colors, food / drink, location, personal personality, and profession.

Shaping personality for Gacha Club OC

Some tips to know when creating Gacha Club OC

  • Do not use items with faded colors.
  • Choose the right color palette for the character.
  • Do not take too many accessories for the outfit.
  • Add a personal and professional personality to match the OC look.

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