League of Legends: Lillia skill set details – A shy flower bud


Lillia – The latest general is about to appear in League of Legends with the appearance of a very cute deer girl. But this girl is not as weak as she looks. Let’s join Download.vn to learn about Lillia’s extremely powerful dream control skill set in the following article.


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League of Legends: Lillia skill set details – A shy flower bud

As a spirit born from the Great Mother Tree, Lillia was a Vastaya with the ability to transform dreams into pure energy. So this new general’s skill set revolves around manipulating the energy of dreams.

Passive – Dreaming Scepter

lillia chi tiet ky nang 1 - Emergenceingame

Lillia’s passive will mark enemies hit by her attack with Dreamy Pollen. This passive will allow her to deal magic damage based on the% of her target’s maximum health. With this passive, Lillia is completely capable of countering champions with high HP and stamina at the end of the game.

Q – Scepter spins

The staff is spinning

Lillia spins her staff dealing magic damage to enemies inside the circle and dealing true damage to enemies on the edge. If the skill hits, Lillia will gain movement speed.

W – Hit it!

Hit it!

This is Lillia’s primary damage skill. She slammed her staff onto the ground, dealing magic damage. Enemies near the center of the attack take more damage than the outside.

E – The grain is rolling

The seeds are rolling

Lillia will throw a tree seed, dealing magic damage and slowing enemies when hit. If it does not hit the target, it will continue rolling until it touches other enemies or terrain on the map.

R – Rift of the jungle

Deep forest lullaby

The jungle lull will slow surrounding enemies before causing them to fall asleep for a period of time. When they are awakened from taking damage, they will take additional magic damage.

Although she possesses a lovely and cute appearance, but do not underestimate Lillia. Her power can make even super buffalo gladiators like Orn, Maokai must be afraid.

I wish you success with Lillia!

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