Garena Free Fire: Efficiently navigate the map


As in any Battle Royale game, in Garena Free Fire, collecting equipment, fighting or hiding are just one of the many skills that require practice. One of the equally important skills is the ability to move around the map smoothly to increase your chances of getting better gear and survival. guide you on the most effective movement in Garena Free Fire.


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Move around the map efficiently in Garena Free Fire

Mini map and map

In Free Fire in particular and shooting games in general, the map is always an important tool to help players determine the position of themselves and the enemy. Since then make the right decisions to help survive the fighting.

You can open the map of the entire island by tapping the mini map in the upper left corner of the screen. This way, you will be able to determine where you are. Define the boundaries of areas, terrain … from there plan for your next actions – where to avoid or where to go. Click on any point on the map to mark them.


Mini map or mini map allows players to follow a small area around. It also provides an overview of the topography and area at a miniature level compared to the large map. However, the most distinctive feature of the mini map is that it has the ability to mark enemies. When the player is shot or targeted by a drone, the enemy’s position will be marked with a red triangle. This is extremely helpful, making it easy to identify nearby threats.

So how to use the map and move properly?


There are some notes when reading the map that players need to pay attention to to move safely and quickly as follows:

  • Look at the mini map often: It will give players complete information about what’s going on around, helping to avoid the risks in the process of moving.
  • Use markers on the map: Open the big map and mark a strategic location like the place to land when parachuting, the desired position when running …
  • Do not move on open terrain for too long: Moving in wide terrain, without obstacles or hiding places will easily expose you and become the target of the enemy. Ideally, landing in a place with lots of houses and moving continuously through the houses will minimize the chance of being seen by enemies from afar.
  • Watch the enemy parachute and choose a location: When jumping off the plane, pay attention to whether the area you plan to land has many enemies or not. If there is too much, it is best to switch to another area, avoiding the situation where you just landed. It will be very annoying!
  • Prefer multi-storey buildings: If entering an area with many houses, prioritize loot in homes with multiple floors as well as roofs. Will save you a lot of time compared to loot each small house.

Wish you have fun playing the game!

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