How to match the equipment of the Billionaire’s Flag

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There have been a lot of Chess players with high level equipment, S or S+. And are you wondering how to get them? Please refer to the following article of Taimienphi, we will guide you how to pair the most simple Chess equipment.

Belonging to the casual game genre, Co Ty Phu provides players with moments of very comfortable entertainment, relaxing with rolling the dice to start the journey to discover famous landmarks, map out a business strategy to become a richest billionaire in the world.

How to assemble the page of the company?

Increase equipment attributes and quality

Instructions for equipping the Billionaire Flag

Step 1: At the main screen interface, you need to click on the item Equipment appears on the left side of the screen.

How to assemble the page of the couple's wife 2

Step 2: Then you select the tab Pairing to enter the interface of combining equipment with Co Ty Phu.

How to assemble the page of the company

Step 3: Choose the 2 equipment you want to do the matching job, upgrade the equipment of the Billionaire Flag to a higher level, start the process by clicking Pairing.

How to assemble the page of the company 4

– Note:
+ Only 2 items of the same quality and enhanced to max level can be paired. In the image below, both items with the same B quality have been enhanced to +7.
+ Use Gold to pair 2 equipment of the Billionaire Flag. After successful, you will receive 1 new item of random quality and attribute.
+ Currently, players can only pair B-level or higher equipment, can’t pair D or C.
+ The higher the quality equipment, the random attribute will also increase.

How to assemble the page of the company 5
So, with just a few simple steps, you have successfully paired the Billionaire Chess equipment, possessing high quality equipment or high attributes to help the game play process, receive gold rewards or items all increase, very necessary. essential for gamers. If you don’t know how to download and Play Billionaire Chess on your phone like, you can refer here, wish you happy gaming.

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