Gamers are about to download the super product Dauntless for free

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Dauntless is the title ARPG game Co-op combat has been expected since its early days at E3 2017. It’s the Shattered Isles, a harsh world of humanity, an endless battle for survival between the Slayers and the Behemoths. Gamers play as Slayers warriors who form a team to fight against giant, ferocious and bloodthirsty Behemoths.


The game possesses great visuals and combat effects that are both realistic and overwhelming. Character creation is a combination of Aboriginal, Viking style and large weapons corresponding to the huge size of the monster. After killing monsters, gamers will collect rewards (loot), bring back to Ramsgate city to create new weapons and armor.​

Dauntless release trailer

Dauntless promises to provide a comprehensive experience, including regularly updated content in the game and events held in real life. Trial session Open Beta allows gamers to download games for free and experience the exterior through ingame stores. The developer makes the promise of a healthy competitive environment, no pay-to-win and no forced deposit.​

Game trailer at E3 2017

To facilitate gamers around the world, Phoenix Labs install more servers worldwide, including US, European and Australian countries. Brazil, India, Singapore, Japan and Taiwan servers will be added soon.


Phoenix Labs is an indie game developer, with members who work from many famous companies such as Riot, BioWare or Capcom. Dauntless is the latest product of Phoenix Labs, with more than 700,000 gamers registered to participate in the Open Beta. Registration link here.​

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