If you can’t go to the net shop during the epidemic season, there is a home-based PC rental service

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During the time pandemic Covid-19 is having a complicated development, many entertainment venues including net shop, cybergame The whole country had to close at the same time to respond to the campaign to prevent the spread of the disease. However, recently, computer distributors as well as computer owners cyber came up with a new type of business to maintain income in epidemic seasonthat is for Rent a PC, console or even laptop.

Just type the keyword “rent a PC” on Facebook, gamer You will find a lot of posts about PC rental service, PS4 nice Xbox with very diverse denominations, mainly ranging from 50,000 VND to 70,000 VND per day. There are even places to rent cheap old PCs for as little as 10,000 VND per day.


However, not all gamers are excited about this business trend. The problem is in the deposit. To rent a PC for 10,000 VND or 25,000 VND per day, customers will have to deposit about 5 million VND.


Objects that service PC rental or console aimed mainly at those who do not have the conditions to own personal computer. These people are mostly students, students or low-income people, so it is quite difficult to get the amount of 5 million VND to deposit, although this amount will be returned at the end of the contract. rental contract. In addition, the rental units are mainly old machines, so the possibility of risks or failures cannot be excluded. Some basis for PC rental has committed to apply a warranty policy for customers to help them feel more secure in the event of machine problems.

Although there are still some shortcomings as mentioned above, this is still a pretty effective tool for home entertainment needs during this epidemic season. With only 10,000 VND or more, gamers can fight smoothly League of Legends all day at home, limit going out but still can try hard comfortable. Therefore, according to the general record, the PC rental service still receives a lot of orders from gamers. Solve some economic problems for distributors as well as cyber owners during the epidemic season

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