TOP best AR guns in Garena Free Fire

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AR is a Free Fire gun most versatile in the game because they are useful in almost any situation. Here are Top best AR guns in Garena Free Fire now.

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TOP best AR guns in Free Fire

  • M14-Y

    The M14 in Free Fire is a powerful FF gun for medium and long range skirmishes with high damage and range. The M14-Y variant has a special attachment called the Rage Core, which increases fire rate by 25% but reduces accuracy by 25%. Overall, this is a great buff for the weapon, making it stronger in all situations.

  • FF Kingfisher Gun

    Kingfisher is the latest AR gun added to Free Fire. It has good stats and a higher rate of fire than most other FF guns of the same type. In addition, it also has the ability to penetrate armor. Kingfisher is a good choice in both Battle Royale and Clash Squad modes.

  • Gun FF AK

    AK is a powerful Free Fire gun with “terrible” damage and fast fire rate. However, AK is definitely not a weapon for beginners because of its recoil. How to shoot AK is quite difficult. Garena does so to balance its power.

  • Gun M4A1

    M4A1 gets a significant buff in Free Fire OB29. At the last level, M4A1 will be increased by 28% in damage and fire rate, completely able to create a terrifying, overwhelming attack. You can buy M4 Chips in the Vending Machine around the map for 4 tokens/chip. Even if you don’t have an M4 Chip, the M4A1 is an extremely reliable Free Fire gun with good stats and stability.

  • Groza . Gun

    Groza has always been in the top of the strongest AR guns in Free Fire, especially, recently, it has also been increased to deal high damage and appear more often. With long range, high damage, great stability, Groza has no weakness and deserves to be the best AR gun in Free Fire.

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