Role-playing game Giang Ho Tu Tien has set a release date, gamers “explode” waiting!

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Possessing quality 3D graphics, extremely attractive gameplay, plus a storyline that merges both the swordplay and first half worlds. Giang Ho Tu Tien is rated as an MMORPG product with many innovative points on the market, worthy of being the most worth-playing game in the second half of 2020. The game was officially launched today. 11/21/2020. You can download the game here


As a free PK plowing role-playing product, it is impossible not to mention Giang Ho Tu Tien with fierce PvP gameplay throughout 24 hours with individual battles or fiery arenas of hundreds of thousands of people to compete. Manor.

Besides, there are extremely attractive community enhancement features such as Boss challenge, Vice Ban challenge, Fate, Clan and especially the extremely attractive World War feature, which will surely please. even the most demanding player.


In addition, recently NPH YGame has launched a website to introduce the game Giang Ho Tu Tien ( with many events along with a series of rewards for its gamers such as: Loan announcement, Vote App 5 Stars, Inbox to receive gifts immediately, … at the game’s official fanpage:

Not stopping there, with each login and vote for the main force – Ta reappeared on the landing page, it will help players immediately receive a lot of valuable giftcodes, not to be missed!


So there are only a few days left mobile games Giang Ho Tu Tien will officially launch players. This is also considered a rare opportunity for the community of gamers who love the MMORPG series in general and those who love both the topic of Swordsmen, Tien Hiep to have the opportunity to sit together. Choose a class right now and get ready to roll in the fierce battlefields as well as immerse yourself in the perfect virtual world of martial arts of Giang Ho Tu Tien!​

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