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The Catha (Carthaginian) army is one of the types of troops that gamers rarely want to encounter when fighting AOE. Let’s learn how to play empire with Carthaginian troops to see why this is so

The Carthaginian is an empire type that has a wheel, but does not have an R. Along with the Choson, Greek, the Cathaginian is an empire type that gamers do not expect to encounter when playing because there is too little conflict. option.

how to play cathaginian in de che

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Even so, when playing against the Cathaginian army, we should also know what weakness or strength the army has to use. Let’s find out the weaknesses and strengths of the Cathaginian army to learn more about how to play the empire with this piece. Many gamers when playing the game empire will utter a voice of disappointment when using this Catha piece, but in fact this piece is not so disappointing, if you know how to coordinate and manipulate properly.

Cathaginian Strengths

– The Carthaginian elephant was the terror of other empires when gathered in large numbers. Health + 25% (750 health)
– The Carthaginian skewer is the strongest of the Empire skeins in combat. Gain +25% Health (200 Health)
– Balista (Flat Cannon) god
– Has a blood head and shoots fire.
– Carthaginian fireboat gain +6 damage. When on fire it is +12.

Cathaginian Weaknesses

– No R bow, single stripe, A bow only 1 shirt, no magic cannon.
– Life 3 can only fight Camel or bow A 1 shirt, little choice.
– Depends on Gold. When the Carthaginian gold ran out, the only way was to ask for a bare T.
– Farmers don’t have special abilities (Normal Growth Rate)

Military experience Cathaginian

When I first started playing
– For 2 people to build BE houses, the remaining 1 people go to find fruit yards.
– When you see the fruit, immediately let 6 people move to eat the fruit.
– People 6/8 continue to build BE, 7th people come in to eat fruit.
– The 6th people after building BE for map exploration. The 8th and 9th people cut wood. People 10/12 build BE.
– Try the 13th-15th people to build BS to eat wood.
– Focus on real life to get to life early. Can build about 2 BS in life 1 (slashing).
– Click on life 3, then give 6 people to make Gold. Or raise gold mining and use 5 people to mine.
– Build 2BL if you want to Slash early. Build BP against Greek, Persian…
· Normal attack wings, depending on which piece you choose

+ Slash or Witch or Slant.

Number of people needed to come to life: Ask for 24 to 28 people depending on the battle (the rich can fight fewer people and fight the BL close to the opponent’s house)
– Life 2: Clicking to 3, you need to upgrade the gold digger in BM’s house and use 5 gold miners (If the power is weak, ignore it, let 6 people dig gold)
– Life 3:
. You need to build 2 BL. Can build 1 BL to defend the house, and build BP to fight against Gold units.
. Upgrade attack: If you level up before your opponent.
. Upgrade armor: If you meet an opponent, slash early.
. Raise ATK + 4 and Armor + 4 at full power.
. Build more BL, BP when you have too much wood, real and Gold.
. HP upgrade.
. Build a BY house to attack the opponent’s house
– Life 4: If you want to be mobile, take advantage quickly before your opponent, during the time of life 4, you need to build many BA houses to play Fire Horse. In addition, if you hit the opponent, you can go to the Elephant God and gather your troops to attack the opponent. Remember to combine with the arrows of your teammates

+ Archery (A):

Number of people needed to come to life: Ask for 24 or 27 people depending on each battle (the rich can fight fewer people and fight BA close to the opponent’s house)

– Life 2: Clicking to 3, you need wood cutting upgrade (BM house, rock hammer shape)
– Life 3:

. You need to build 4 BA houses, depending on your amount of wood, balance enough wood and real. When leveling up, click on the Bow icon under the A box to upgrade to this unit.
. For 3 farmers to dig for gold.
. Upgrade armor: If you encounter a slashing opponent (arrow icon)
. Lift and chop wood 2 to shoot far, chop more wood

– Life 4: Can play a variety of troops such as: Horse god, Elephant god, Elephant name, Balista god …

+ In many Random matches while holding a Carthaginian, the player can hit BL to use Slash or hit BP to defend the Wizard at home against opponents with Slash, camel. Then raise the Wheel to grow faster.
Another Carthaginian card game is going straight up the bow A 1 shirt. Bo close the house and build about 4BA then shake it evenly for 5~6 turns, you will be able to defend the house before the slashing waves. Remember to upgrade armor for bow A.


With the Carthaginian army, the player should still choose the plan to cut the opponent really hard. Get lots of Camels and finish the match fast.

Types/bets/matches against the Carthaginians

– Solo Random, hit Team 2-2, 3-3, 4-4.

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