What are the benefits of the SMG PP-19 Bizon PUBG Mobile gun? When should I use it?

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So Season 7 of PUBG Mobile has ended, season 8 has launched players on all servers on July 18. With the appearance of the new SMG PP-19 Bizon gun on 2 maps Erangel and Vikendi promises to bring many interesting experiences.

As you all know, the main attraction of the update PUBG Mobile 0.13.5 This new weapon is SMG PP-19 Bizon. In today’s tutorial, we will show you how to use the SMG PP-19 Bizon gun in the most effective way.

smg pp 19 bizon pubg mobile no two when you use it

SMG PP-19 Bizon Súng

Everything you need to know about WILLMG PP-19 Bizon PUBG Mobile

1. Introduction
SMG PP-19 Bizon is a new weapon launched in PUBG Mobile 0.13.5. This is the 5th SMG in the game and requires 9MM ammo to work, you can only find this weapon in two maps Erangel and Vikendi, it can hold up to 53 9MM rounds in a magazine.

smg pp 19 bizon pubg mobile no two when you need to use 2

2. Specifications and damage
PP-19 Bizon in PUBG Mobile can have high dynamic range, up to 6x zoom and also support all silencer devices. Unfortunately, there’s no way this gun can’t upgrade its magazine capacity, unlike other SMG guns. PP-19 Bizon in PUBG Mobile can deal 35 single shot damage and the fire rate of this weapon is very similar to UMP-9.

– Base Damage: 35
– Use ammo: 9MM
– Zero Distance: 6x
– Basic magazine: 53 rounds
– Delay between 2 pellets: N/A
– Shooting mode: Single and automatic

3. When to use this weapon effectively?
So in our opinion, if you find this weapon on the spot after landing, then you have to use it until you kill all the enemies around you. Once the area is safe, replace it with any other SMG for better results for the rest of the game. If we take a deep look at this weapon’s stats, you’ll see that this weapon isn’t as effective in terms of tactics, effectiveness later in the match. As this weapon is usually used for short and medium range battles. Because the rate of fire of this weapon is so low that it cannot deal damage in battles over 100m. But it has the advantage of a fully equipped weapon in the early game because the recoil is so easy to control and you can reload in a short time.

Above is a complete guide to this new SMG PP-19 Bizon weapon and if you still have questions about this gun, leave a comment in the comments section below, we will answer all questions. your about PUBG Mobile game. Right now, gamers can play PUBG mobile on computers with Android emulators, PUBG Mobile emulator help you have an enjoyable experience no less than mobile.

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