Teamfight Tactics item equipment rankings

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In the tutorial articles about Teamfight Tactics, we have compiled a list of equipment with quality from strong to weak, helping players to distinguish the strength of each type to equip champions and units. mine.

With our list of equipment rankings of Teamfight Tactics from strong to weak, hopefully can help you know how to build or combine them to best suit, avoiding low-level items. unless you are forced to.

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Teamfight Tactics item equipment rankings

When participating in the game Tactics Arena, through each round with monsters or participating in the carousel, players can receive one or more equipment items, which can be used to combine high-level items or equipment. directly always for the hero unit on the board. Sometimes with just a few items you can turn the tide, turning defeat into victory.


– Cursed Blade
– Ma Vu Song Sword
– Lien Thanh Cannon
– Red Charm
– I love Shojin
– Electric derailleur
– Warmog’s Blood Armor

Tier 2/ Grade A
– Blood sword
– Doomsday Warrior
– Dragon claw
– Survival Armor
– Ice Ax
– Angel Armor
– Guinsoo’s Crazy Blade
– Hextech gun
– Iron Solari Necklace
– Demon Letter Morello
– Chain of Atonement
– Armor Thorns
– Ghost Sword Youmuu
– Yuumi
– Wind Sword

Tier 3/ Tier B

– Nameless Sword
– Heart of Ice
– Silent Knife
– Infinity Sword
– Supply light
– Rabaddon Sorcerer’s Hat
– Dead Sword
– Ax Hydra

Tier 4/ Tier

– The Knight’s Oath
– Thorn Gloves
– Heavenly Sword
– Flag of Zeke
Above is a list of our Teamfight Tactics item equipment ranking list, the equipment in Tier 1 (Rank S) you should prioritize to find and match first, increasing the win rate in each game. In addition to equipment, you also need to build one for yourself Teamfight Tacticswinning in the early stages is very important.

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