Bring Thor into GTA 5, gamers smash the city

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In the blockbuster Thor: Ragnarok, the hammer Mjolnir was destroyed by the god of death Hela .. leaving Thor without the famous weapon in his hand. However in GTA 5our God of Thunder still carries the full power of Mjolnir and is ready to flatten Los Santos with the craziest moves.


With the Mod made by gamer duo JD Hauser and StillHere, gamers can control the Marvel superhero with his almost complete set of powers. There players can perform 18 different combat moves from transforming lightning to attack the target, teleporting or holding a hammer to launch into the air like a fire arrow.


It can be said that this Mod has a larger scale than the Mods we have ever seen like Iron Man or Hulk simply because the number of moves that Thor can perform is many times superior. Thor’s attack also has a more special style when it can transform lightning in many different styles to destroy the target. The image of a lightning bolt hitting the ground and blowing up layers of vehicles or even throwing Mjolnir and witnessing the target fly hundreds of meters away.. truly gives the player the feeling of becoming a true Thor in this game. GTA 5 world.

Close-up of Thor’s moves in GTA 5.


However, because of the limited effect of GTA 5, the Thor model has not been shown in detail.. such as the hair or the stiff hem of the Thunder God. But if you can ignore this, you can still experience and enjoy the great power of Thor without having to complain one more sentence. Now officially released, the Thor Mod for GTA 5 can be downloaded for free so gamers can be naughty right now. Readers can download the Mod version at:

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