Self-updating, fans added a huge monster to the game

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Bloodbornea housemate with Dark Souls, is a name that is being mentioned by many people in recent times. The reason is not only because part 2 of the game is in list of games to look forward to and is likely to be released within the year 2018, but also because a variety of hidden content of the game has been and is being discovered. Earlier this month, hackers “digged” a lot of Chalice Dungeons with their Hidden Boss never appeared, making this movement even more widespread.​

If before, Bloodborne players only searched for these hidden content inside Chalice Dungeons, then Lance McDonald, an Australian fan and developer, has taken it a step further. great number of. He created a new patch for the game based on data removed by From Software, and “brought back” to Bloodborne 5 previously unknown monsters.

Three of these monsters, which were still under construction, were removed, so although they also have offensive or defensive moves, they can’t affect the player at all. In all three, Slug Princess can be attacked and defeated by the player, while the other 2 monsters are completely “immune”.


Two other monsters that have been built relatively well are “King of Skeleton” and “Lesser Demon”. Both have pretty “sweet” attack moves and can completely defeat players if they are careless. The “Lesser Demon” before it was erased may have been built like a Boss, with a rather large body size and an equally large amount of health.


In the process of developing a game, for many reasons, a character or a certain episode, even though it has been completed, will still be removed. According to some people, “King of Skeleton” and “Lesser Demon” seem to have a lot of Dark Souls style and completely do not fit into the world of Bloodborne. Perhaps, for the same reason, From Software decided to remove these 2 monsters after completing them.


Earlier this year, hackers successfully cracked Bloodborne and “digged” a lot of the game’s ignored data. Lance is showing great interest in the data and has planned to release the next patch, to bring more deleted characters back to the spooky world of Yharnam.​

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