Ways to connect to Wifi for desktop computers, pc

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Wifi connection for desktop, have you ever imagined this or not? It’s not too far away that we can now catch wifi for the case to access the internet, play games, and listen to music online normally.

Although Wifi waves do not have a good transmission quality by wires, this is still the method chosen by many people thanks to the mobility and aesthetics of Wifi waves. You just need to configure the wifi system and you can use the network anywhere within wifi coverage without the need for network wires.


1. Use USB Wifi

Using USB Wifi to connect to wifi for desktop computers is the most convenient and easiest method. If you have ever used USB 3G, the USB has the same function. You just need to plug in the Wifi USB via the USB port on the computer and install the driver according to the usb then you can completely connect to the wifi networks that the wifi usb receives the same wave as the laptop.

How to connect to wifi for your computer?

However, it is possible that your computer will lose the wifi network if the computer goes to sleep (sleep). So to be able to use the network even when not using the computer, you must turn off the Sleep mode on the computer

2. Use wifi card

The wifi card provides stability and better transmission when connected directly to your motherboard. The wifi card uses a PCI slot, so you can choose a wifi card as the more appropriate solution when your computer has a limited number of USB slots.

How to connect to wifi for your computer?

The downside of the wifi card is that you have to remove the device and install it directly with the motherboard, so the wifi card has no portability by using USB Wifi to connect wifi for the case.

3. Use a motherboard (mainboard) with built-in Wifi

Using a motherboard with built-in wifi is a pretty good way to connect to a desktop wifi. However, this is only the last choice when you have the need to upgrade your computer and add the ability to receive / transmit wifi on your computer because the mainboard with built-in wifi is quite expensive, which will not be suitable for you to choose. choose wifi connection for desktop if there is no need to upgrade the computer.

How to connect to wifi for your computer?

In addition, when using wifi receivers/transmitters to connect to wifi for desktop computers, you should also pay attention to wifi standards a/b/g/n/ac. Please give priority to devices connected to wifi that support n and ac standards because most wifi transmitters today broadcast n/ac standards with high transmission speed. In addition, you also need to know how to change viettel wifi name as well as other information on wifi to easily identify your home wifi network.

Public Wifi is emitted from a public network, in case your device can connect, it’s okay, however, in case it can’t connect, what to do, refer to how to fix the error The phone does not connect to Wifi Public here.

You also pay attention to how to fix the error that the computer cannot connect to wifi so that it can be overcome when the error of the computer cannot connect to wifi occurs easily, helping to use the computer to the network effectively, without being interrupted. discontinuity.

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