Watch the leaked clip of Avengers 3 movie before it gets deleted

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Cinematic Universe of Marvel becoming more and more powerful, so every time the company’s superhero products are released, they are welcomed by a large fan community. Blockbuster movie Avengers 3: Infinity War, part of the series that have created the brand of this empire is also about to be released in the near future. Recently, however, the film encountered a big problem, that is, the original video contains a short segment in Avengers 3: Infinity War was leaked and spread quickly on the internet.

At first, there was an account named The Ascended Ancient posted on youtube the short clips of the movie Avengers 3. But everyone thinks it’s just a movie propaganda video or a trailer. However, these are actually clips from the upcoming blockbuster of Marvel. The only difference is that the film has no sound, the film effects are still incomplete and still a rough version.


Prior to this incident, Marvel and Youtube also quickly deleted all these videos. But still did not give any explanation for the incident. Realizing that these videos are mostly unedited raw versions, many people believe that it is most likely revealed by company employees, or it may also be a communication trick of the government. Marvel. However, Avengers 3: Infinity War is a film with the most superheroes ever, considered a masterpiece that sets the stage for the future steps of MCU. It is known that the production cost is up to a huge amount of $ 700 million, so it is unreasonable for Marvel to use the trick.


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