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After Youtube launched the 360-degree video viewing function, recently Facebook also integrated the same feature. Now users can watch 360-degree videos directly on their Facebook account.

360-degree video is a new type of video. Accordingly, instead of watching a “dead” scene from the camera, you can swipe the screen back and forth to see all the corners, from top to bottom, left and right, to before and after the user logs in to Facebook. It’s great isn’t it?

watch 360 videos on facebook

Similar to Youtube, to watch 360-degree videos on Facebook, users also have to use the mouse or rotate the phone left and right to watch. In general, its structure and way of operation is not different from Youtube, but it is certain that its influence and spread will be greater because Facebook has an easier sharing function.

You can check out Facebook’s 360-degree video Here.

In addition, you can also watch 360-degree videos of Youtube Here for comparison.

While watching 360-degree videos on Facebook and Youtube are both good ideas, users are still used to the more traditional way of watching videos. In addition, because technology has not caught up, the quality of the recorded video is not high, if not very bad and blurry. Hopefully in the future, things will be heated up even more with the increasing number of Facebook subscriptions like now

Facebook is increasingly showing changes to keep and entice its users, large fanpages can now use videos as cover photos, not just static images as before, tips for using videos as Fanpage cover photos. Facebook has been shared by Taimienphi in previous tips, guys.

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