How to get Kenta character in Free Fire for free

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Free Fire has officially launched their newest character named Kenta. According to the story, Kenta’s character is one of the close bodyguards of the Hayato family, you can get the new character Kenta in Garena Free Fire starting now.

‘s character Kenta have active skills Shield of Wrath Creates a front shield against damage from forward weapons for 2 seconds, which disappear when the player shoots. Another defensive skill that players can use to recover health or hide to find opportunities to counterattack to defeat the opponent.

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Kenta Free Fire – The bodyguard of the Hayato family with the skill Shield of Rage

How to get Kenta character in Free Fire for free

The most effective method to get the Kenta character for free at the moment is to load Diamonds, players after loading any KC from March 24, 2022 will immediately own a cool guy with a costume. purple, wears a purple cape with the very attractive Yagami clan emblem without spending any Free Fire Diamonds.

how to get kenta face in free fire

Players can load KC Free Fire directly in the game by clicking on the icon (+) next to Diamond FF at the main interface of the game, or visit the official website of Garena HERE and load KC. You should not load in any form to avoid loading by mistake, loading into an untrusted website. Refer to the instructions below if you do not know how to do it.

Reference: top up garena

After you have finished loading, you go to List of events in the game Garena Free Fire, at tab Event => choose Deposit KC Get Kenta => receive character Kenta in Free Fire for free, this is the only method for those who want to own the Hayato family’s trusted bodyguard.

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All new Free Fire characters can be obtained for free through the recharge event, it is the best method to get free characters at super cheap price. We know KC is expensive but don’t worry about it, because Taimienphi has it how to get free diamonds in Free Fire then here.
In the Free Fire OB34 version, Homer is a newly appeared character, if you love this game, quickly register to receive it for free.

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