WARNING: Warzone’s equipment can put gamers on the road immediately

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This game’s error of Call of Duty: Warzone appeared for a few weeks. It makes one of Season 6’s best perks a nightmare. Gamers equipped with one of the two clocks with the nickname Strange Magic or Time of the Season should know that as soon as the clock is turned on, the enemy can see you through the wall.


If you can’t see you, at least the enemy can see the glimmer that the watch emits. This strange game bug was pointed out by streamer Khurlauss when he easily took down an enemy as if he were using wallhacks (Cheat software that allows users to see through terrain in battles). shooting game online). The enemy this streamer kills is equipped with a clock with an orange light. The orange light on the watch is hard to see in the video, but it’s easy to spot in the game.

Watch the video HERE for details.

If you use the Strange Magic watch and its orange version, the small light on the watch can be difficult to detect in sniper range but in close situations it will cause you to be detected by enemies. . However, except for the Strange Magic and the orange version, other watches do not have this error.

But we can fix this game error by quite simple: turn off the “Inspect Watch” function on the watch, the light on the watch also turns off. Hope Infinity Ward will notice this bug soon.

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