Quarterfinals of the Call of Duty Mobile Tournament kicks off on November 28

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These squads and two special guests, ProGK and Oxygen Esports will start the Quarterfinals – Multiplayer category within the Call of Duty Mobile Tournament online at 17:00 on November 28-29.

The quarterfinals will be broadcast live on community channels:​​


All 06 teams mentioned above had a memorable knockout with lots of drama & surprises. If Thich San Bot qualified as a walk (this team has overwhelmed the opponent in both rounds 1 and 2), then SevenClowns & F9 team has a bit of difficulty before F9 Plus & MVP. Gaming STR. However, with their own strength and a little luck, they got their name in the Quarterfinals. Particularly with F9 Plus – their chance returned when they won 2-0 in the Bo3 turn with MVP Gaming STR.

Meanwhile, King Of MP was quite struggling with the encounters with the Legend Fake & Good Genius Oldmans team. They had to be very determined to assert themselves, the “sweet fruit” they received was to become the top 3 of this round.

It can be said that Good Genius Young is a team that has the most difficulties in the Qualifiers. They were present in the quarterfinals after their best efforts, although compared to the other 5 teams, the strength of Good Genius Young is not too different. It is expected that in the upcoming round, this team will shine and have a better performance.

According to the community, the quarterfinals will really explode when there are two guests, ProGK and Oxygen Esports. These are two teams with seasoned members of the tournament, with formidable skills in Multiplayer mode, both ProGK and Oxygen Esports will make the remaining 6 teams be wary of confrontation.


Semi-finals will take place on 4/12 & Finals to find the champion will be determined on 6/12.

Along with the dramatic Multiplayer tournament, Battle Royale has also been launched to serve the community. Last November 22 was the first day of the marksman’s competition in this game mode, currently the best 100 players have registered. In which, the Top 5 matches were for players TSB.Bee (match 1), SEA.PiuPiuHT (match 2), GO.BearCon (match 3) and FT.Win-LG (match 5), rewards for each player is 1,000,000 VND. Particularly for match 4, the game ended, but both FT.Win-LG vs SEA.RexHT fell at the same time, so the reward was split in half, ie each player received 500,000 VND. The first day of Battle Royale is considered quite successful, expect the second day (December 1) to be even more dramatic & surprising.


Call of Duty Mobile Tournament is the first online tournament of Call of Duty Mobile held in the last months of 2020 to create a playground, promote the community, and honor the skills of FPS players in the Multiplayer & Battle Royale category. 60 million VND is the total prize of Multiplayer and Battle Royale is 15 million VND with many unique and personal gifts for members participating in the competition.

It is known that in the near future, Call of Duty: Mobile VN continue to maintain community playgrounds and tournaments for gamers to unleash and experience with this classic FPS genre.​

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