Warframe is about to launch 2 huge expansions

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Version The Warframe Switch This isn’t the only good news coming from developer Digital Extremes this week. According to a recent report from Polygon, the game is preparing to launch two more expansion versions, introducing new gameplay elements, including a vast battlefield stretching from the surface of the planet to outer space. pillar.


The first expansion is titled Fortuna, set in the open world of Venus. Here appears a new force, Solaris United, consisting of members who are cyborgs from the colony of Fortuna. The short trailer shows a glimpse of the facility’s interior setup and some potential enemies.​

Trailer for the Fortuna . expansion

Meanwhile, the second expansion will introduce a space battle mechanic called Codename: Railjack. Gamers have the power to recruit members, manage battle stations, participate in space ship missions such as air combat or landing. This expansion is still in development, but the developer was able to show the first images at TennoCon.

Trailer for the expansion Codename: Railjack

Let’s admire some images of Codename: Railjack:


Warframe Currently one of the world’s most successful free-to-play games, the game is released for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.​

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