Playing games at 4K resolution is not as “hot” as you think

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The new generation of graphics cards that promise extreme performance and resolution today can make you think that PC gamers are all yearning for a monitor with a resolution greater than 1080p.


However, according to the latest Steam Hardware Survey, the number of gamers using 1440p and 4K monitors accounts for an extremely small part, while the majority of players choose 1080p monitors or even low ones. more than that.


In fact, up to 62% of players on Steam use screens with a resolution of 1920 x 1080. Even more surprising is that 30% of games choose a resolution even lower than this. Coming in at number two is a 1366 x 768 screen that accounts for 13% of all players.


Go to higher resolutions – at 2560 x 1440 the number of users has dropped to less than 4%. 4K screen – the dream screen of many brothers only accounts for just over 1%. Two types of screens with mid-range resolutions are 2560 x 1080 and 3440 x 1440 respectively, trusted by nearly 1% of players. And finally, a tiny fraction – less than 0.5% of Steam users are still using 1024 x 768 screens (those people must be squealing over the Windows compatibility fix update). Steam’s recent XP).

From the survey results, you can see that “professional” gamers make up a very small number of players on Steam. If you look at the stats above, it’s clear that a 1366 x 768 display is a superior direction to a high-end monitor perfect for gaming like the G-Sync 1440p – although if it did, we would want both.


Prominent in the hardware “war” is Nvidia and Intel continue to dominate its respective markets. Present GTX 1060 is currently the most popular type of GPU among gamers, accounting for nearly 14% of total users. This is definitely the best card that supports resolutions below 1080p used by most players.​

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