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Google has now added a pretty special feature that is voice search. Have you tried searching on Google using this?

Currently, computer users can no longer need to type keywords to search, in addition to that, google has equipped with a voice tape search feature. So how does voice search work? Please take a look at the guide below.

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Step 1:

Note: For this trick, we have only found it to be applicable on Google Chrome web browser, but on Firefox or other browsers, this trick is not currently applicable, we will update when this function is available. apply to other browsers

Open the browser and then go to the Google homepage we can see right away the typeface of the search item has an icon with the micro. I click on that icon.

find a voice on google

Step 2: When click enter Google will switch to another interface notifying you “Please speak” and “listening” . Our job now is to say loud and clear what we need to say micro to Google analyze the sentence you just said and search.

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And here is the result (Example say the word “Twoo”)

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The above article has fully presented the steps to search on Google by voice, providing users with a new way to search without having to enter keywords from the keyboard. Let’s experience this new Google utility! If you don’t want to use google to search, you can refer to Top 10 websites to replace google search to choose and use

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