Using smartphones for more than 10 hours a day, high school girl immediately became color blind

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In today’s information technology era, smartphone has become an essential universal tool for people, from the elderly to children, anyone can use it. smartphone. It brings a lot of benefits in entertainment, communication or work. However, there is no denying the fact that there is a part of users today who have overused smartphones, in cafes, it is easy to see a picture of a group of people sitting together but instead of talking, each person has a cell phone in their hand and only pays attention to it


Phone abuse also cause certain effects to human health, especially to the eyes. According to Taiwanese media, recently in Kaohsiung city (Taiwan) appeared the first patient worldwide suffering from Red-green color blindness due to excessive use of mobile phones. Red-green color blindness is a disorder of color perception, this disease is divided into two different levels: color blindness (inability to distinguish certain colors) and color blindness. color blind (completely indistinguishable from colors).​


It is known that the above patient is currently a female high school student, the cause of her chromosomal disorder is believed to be due to using smartphones for more than 10 hours a day. Moreover, this female student also has a bad habit of often turning off the lights in her room and then lying down to watch videos on her phone. After that, many times when she crossed the street, she often mistook the green light for a yellow light, and many times nearly got hit by a car.​


Eye experts said that if exposed to blue light (a type of light emitted by smartphone screens, computers …) for a long time, some cells on the human retina will be destroyed. damage, which leads to a host of diseases, color blindness being just a part of them. Doctors also said that this female student has only suffered from chromosomal disturbances in the early stages, if she stops using the phone in combination with taking medication, she will be able to get better. Doctors also recommend that users should limit using their phones for more than 5 hours a day, and avoid using the phone after the power is turned off.​

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