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VLTKm – Overwhelming the girl who “catches” the master from the game into real life as a husband

Love stories between teachers and students are not rare and hard to find in real life. And even when the era of online games explodes like today, the love of teachers in the game is the predestined for couples to develop love, even marriage.

So the game title Martial Arts Mobile will not be out of this rule, even becoming a cool matchmaker will succeed in many pairs of monks and nuns. Because this product itself opens up a lot of features to build a relationship such as master map, good friendship, communication, training team level, billion martial arts body… throughout the front to help strangers also become acquainted, then gradually become close friends. From there, they will always have many memorable memories together during their time together in the game, easy to develop feelings is also understandable.

And recently, a female gamer shared about the happy ending of her master – disciple’s sweet love story. Master is probably the ideal role model for many female gamers in the game. But not every couple is in love and especially can hold hands and step out in real life like this.


According to her, she has gone through many servers before and happened to stop at server 251. He is her master and also her master, and now he is promoted to “husband” “. Not stopping there, the couple also faced obstacles in terms of geographical distance, the North and the South, but it was love that was the driving force that helped both of them overcome everything to reach the same destination.​


The love story “virtual world, real love”, no distance of the couple will probably be a great source of spiritual encouragement for many other couples in the game, especially long-distance couples. Lots of other members of the community VLTK Mobile constantly send good wishes to the new couple.


On behalf of Emergenceingame.Com as well as the VLTK Mobile player community, we would like to wish our young couple a full, happy wedding, love is always as sweet and strong as it is now!

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