Hate the gift that God gave her and the super kute love story of a pair of gamers who are 1700km apart

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Love stories always have countless beginnings and endings, no one knows in advance when it will come and go. Just like the super cute love story of a gamer couple Martial Arts Mobile down here. Encountered in the game, from the time in 2 different states until they merged into one, although the two’s impressions of each other were not good, even disliked each other. However, after all, the lightning of love hit both of them without knowing it. Saigon girl and Hai Phong port man officially became a couple.​


Thai Thanh – the female lead in this love story shared, the first time they knew each other in the game was like a narrow alley, “meeting is full of slaps with stones, cups of all kinds, you don’t like it. joke”. But I don’t understand why, by chance one day, the other guy “entered the party with me, talked and talked about everything and then asked me to marry him. At that time, I didn’t know what to think, so naturally I agreed.” Since that day, the two became closer, talked more and their feelings grew. When Thai Thanh suddenly realized that “your voice has become my habit, not texting is missing, not talking is missed”, she also decided to take the risk to confess her feelings.


Although one person is in Hai Phong, the other in Saigon, North and South are more than 1700 km apart, but with their sincere feelings, the two have overcome the limit of that virtual love in real life. when he traveled from Hai Phong to the South to visit his girlfriend. Even now, thinking back on all the things she’s been through, she still can’t believe that there is a day when “hate what is given to me”. And that’s why they appreciate the presence of each other in their lives. “Life is unpredictable sometimes and neither are you, my unexpected gift of life. With this belief, that love, even if the distance is 1700km with you, it is nothing. I will always cherish your love. Believe me, soon we will be together in the same house.”​


Surely gamers of VLTK Mobile I’m so used to fairy-tale “virtual world – real love” stories like this. And hope that all of our couples will always keep the full flame of their love to go together to the most fulfilling destination!

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