Top 10 most bloody characters in the anime world

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10. Guts (Berserk)

Guts – a lone mercenary and Griffith – a leader of a mercenary band called the Army of the Hawks. Guts (or Black Swordsman), is a freedom fighter who is on a journey to find a way out and avenge Griffith, his best friend, leader who sold out his entire army to evil. devil to achieve his dream. Gatts and his lover, Caska, suffer a curse as a “sacrifice” for Griffith and are always hunted by countless demons.

Humans are divided into two types, one that is afraid of the devil and the other that scares the devil. Guts is the 2nd type. He always carries with him a large sword as tall as a human body, on the battlefield it can promote its superior ability combined with inherent extraordinary strength to fight. with the enemy.​

9. Kenshiro (Horror no Ken)

In the 1900s, nuclear war ravaged the earth, and criminal gangs rose to take control of government offices around the world. Justice no longer exists, a lawless world that drives people crazy. From the ashes, a hero emerges, that is Kenshiro. Kenshiro is the heir to the world-beating theocratic Big Dipper – a martial art that attacks the enemy from within, causing the opponent to explode to death. In front of his chest there are 7 scars lined up like the seven star constellation Big Dipper. Kenshiro’s goal is to kill the person who captured Yuria – his wife – who he once considered a friend, but betrayed and left him to die.

8. Levi Ackerman (Attack of Titan)

Although not the main character of the work, but at the time of fighting with giants, there is no doubt that Levi is the one who has the most powerful ability. Although known for his “pepper baby” image with a height of 160cm and a weight of 65 kg, Levi is extremely strong. In the fight with the female Titan, Levi used his foot to step on the female Titan’s direct punch without any injury, which has partly confirmed his level. Thanks to his outstanding ability, Levi is considered the strongest warrior in the world in Attack of Titan.​


7. Gilgamesh (Fate / stay night)

In the Fate series, Gilgamesh’s existence is a symbol of unparalleled strength. Gilgamesh has an EX-rank Noble Phantasm, which means immeasurable strength. Although somewhat arrogant and conceited, in terms of strength, no one can stand against Gilgamesh.​

6. Saitama (One punch man)

Saitama is a superhero who easily defeats monsters or other villains with a single punch. However, after becoming too strong, Saitama has become boring in his battles and always Try to find stronger opponents to fight. Despite defeating powerful monsters, he is not respected by the Hero Association, and Saitama struggles to earn his rank. Only Genos and Kabuto Carnage who discovered his extraordinary strength in the first place understood Saitama’s unbelievably powerful ability.​

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