Meet the legendary characters of Call of Duty: Mobile VN

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Dark Nikto – full of killing intent in Dark Face skin

Dark Nikto is the first legendary character of Call of Duty: Mobile VN. The appearance of Dark Nikto in the middle of the Season Going Dark shows the position of a “boss” who holds the position of the war in the middle of the night.

Dark Nikto has a rather cold appearance but an extremely scheming & calculating mind. This character is now present at “Dark Face Wheel” & is being “hunted” by many players. Having Dark Nikto in hand, surely the game of each warrior will be more dramatic & thrilling.

Dark Nikto – new legendary character returns

Seraph – mysterious female warrior

This cool warrior girl has now appeared in a Horror Night Chest & is waiting for Call of Duty: Mobile VN lovers to “pick her up” to the team. Seraph has skills to compete with concentration, confidence on all fronts, ready to face & accept all difficulties and challenges on the battlefield. She is also one of the legendary warriors loved by many people because of her extreme western style as well as her inherent strength.

Seraph – the mysterious female warrior of Call of Duty: Mobile VN

Urban, Price, Ghost – characters that every player should own at least once

Urban – this beautiful female warrior has officially returned to Season 12 – Going Dark and once again made millions of gunmen flutter their hearts. This charming female agent is considered “the beauty of the Call of Duty Mobile universe”, information about Urban is quite meager, but her image on the battlefield is extremely fiery, attractive, enough to make opponents The player must bow in respect.

Urban is like a “crush” in the hearts of Call of Duty: Mobile VN warriors

Also appearing in this Season 12 is Price & Ghost – two cores that are always preferred by players to use in battles. If Price is known as a “Death of the Night” with top-notch sniper skills, Ghost is famous for his professional fighting. Both Price & Ghost have many combat achievements, always making teammates admire, enemies fear. In this war season, these two characters both appear in the premium Battle Pass.

Going Dark – Entering the dark area – The message of the war season is “burning” the Call of Duty: Mobile player community in these November days

Going Dark – a vivid season of war that favors the dark, bringing shooters into a different experience – stepping into the dark or facing your own fears. Call of Duty: Mobile VN warriors are having a special battle season, bravely moving forward, conquering the night, dispelling fear with a steel spirit before the chain of tasks they are assigned.

In addition to legendary characters, special weapons, this season also brings a new map Hackney Yard – an industrial area full of garbage with intense gun battles in warehouses, cargo containers, dramatic buildings & real estate. doubt. These new points are currently attracting the discovery of Call of Duty: Mobile VN players.​

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