League of Legends Wild Rift leaked test opening date?

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After being announced during the 10th anniversary of League of Legends, League of Legends Wild Rift – the original mobile version is ok Riot Games franchise Tencent development received a lot of attention from the player community. Perhaps now what all fans of League of Legends is when this mobile game is released, or at least never opens the beta door for gamers to experience.​


Recently, Chinese newspapers suddenly revealed the beta time of the game, players will not have to wait until next year to get their hands on the game they have been waiting for so long. According to information from these sites, LoL Wild Rift will begin a small-scale internal beta test in November, only a certain number of players will be able to participate in this beta. Around December, the game will conduct open beta, allowing all gamers to experience. However, the open beta time still depends on the results of the internal beta, if the bug is small, it will continue to proceed as planned, otherwise, the test opening time will be pushed back to January next year. .​

WeGame’s message reveals the game’s beta time

In mid-August this year, when the rumors about League of Legends Mobile boom, a player once asked WeGame – Tencent’s gaming platform about the launch time of League of Legends Mobile, surprisingly, the above question was answered. WeGame said Tencent’s temporary plan was to bring the game to players by the end of the year, but at that time the iOS version of the game was having some problems during the government review phase and had to be fixed. multiple versions in a row. Therefore, the time will have a certain deviation compared to the expected. Currently we do not know the accuracy of the above information, but if this is true, gamers will not have to wait long to have it. You can experience your favorite game.

To “look forward” to the download link and information about League of Legends MobileLeague of Legends MobileReaders can join the game’s Facebook community here:

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