The tragic gamer asked his wife for money for the computer card season and the ending was difficult

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For wives, their husband’s passion for games and technology is always an expensive luxury but not necessary at all. That’s why the vast majority of “Duc Lang Quan” want to buy a new computer, card, vga or mouse button, etc., have to “break their tongue” and beg, ask their wife to agree. However, the work of persuasion is not always smooth as expected, often having to go through countless challenges or compensate for a certain exchange condition.

Actual evidence as recently as a male gamer, to convince his wife to agree to buy 1060 3Gb, he must be determined to quit his smoking habit. As if catching the “heart” of the husband, the wife decided to put him in a position where he was forced to choose.​


It is true that sometimes to satisfy our passion, sometimes we have to trade something important. But in this case, if our gamers have just quit the habit of smoking and have 1060 3Gb, then we have to open a celebration party. Because even if there is no reward, smoking is also a bad habit, so quit as soon as possible. The wife in this sharing is really talented when she takes the right opportunity to help her husband change.

If the wife gives her husband a 3-month extension to quit smoking, she will receive a reward. Afraid of his wife breaking his word, he had to immediately take a picture of his wife’s promise and post it on the group for the members’ endorsement as well as to receive encouragement to quit smoking.

Sharing his post on the group, male gamers received a lot of mixed advice. Most of them agree with the wife’s plan because they think that quitting smoking is a good thing and the wife does it because she wants to be good for the guy: “Cigarettes don’t do much good, they’re harmful to your children. The man of the family is okay, it’s okay to sacrifice a little for his wife and children.” “His wife is just for his sake. If you don’t want to lie alone, you should leave soon. It’s a problem to lose weight if you smoke.”

However, there are still many people who mock him “Pregnant wife self-consciously gave up, and even told her to reward her, so she went to show off” nice “What men are so weak, so lose face”… However, this opinion was immediately refuted: “Respecting the person you live with for the rest of your life is not a weakness. Guys who open their mouths to criticize people for being weak should see if they are men or not. When you have a wife and have to take care of your children’s future, then you will understand. I don’t need to ask because I always have my own account, but when I buy something, I always have to tell my wife. It’s respect, not weakness.”

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